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Are the Volkl G4s built to last?

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Hello -

I just demoed some G4s and loved them. However, the skis I was on were hardly used this year and they had major gashes on the top and sides.

The guy in the shop said Volkl does not make them like they used to. He said the bases are softer and hitting a rock will take a bigger gash out of these skis than others.

Any thoughts on this? I loved the skis, but would opt for something else if they are going to be in the shop all the time. I also liked the Pocket Rockets (different ski, but also has high fun factor/short turns).

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My experience with Salomon skis is that *they* are on the bottom of the longevity scale, so I'd take the Volkl over them. I had indestructible Dynastar skis (as in: have been abused 14 years and got retired when the binding, not the ski, broke).

I have no idea re: the Volkl (my first pair of Volkl is my G4 pair, I've had Rossignol then Dynastar for my whole life), and the feedback I've seen on the G40/G41/G4 from others was that it was a solid ski (Altagirl may chime in, it looks like she's had Volk for a long time including those). The top skin is coated with a thin plastic film which gets damaged pretty easily though (especially when my 5 year old keep running on my skis with his...).

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The G4's are very durable. Solid wood core, and basically a sandwich construction ski with a cosmetic rubbery cap on it. The cap is designed to cut and gash but protect the wood core. It's not structural (like Salomon monocoque or Rossi dualtec), so no worries about how it looks.

Supposedly the G40s and G41s were slightly more durable but the G4 is still at the top of the heap.

The Salomon's are great skis, but not nearly as durable both in regards to base and topsheet, and overall structure. I own and very much like both of them. I wouldn't worry about the topsheet on those skis. As long as the bases and edges are good, they'll be just fine.
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I'll definitely vouch for the g4's durabality. i am more careless than most when it comes to avoiding exposed rocks, so my skis always take a beating, and that's why i bought my 188 g4's used, so that i wouldn't feel bad about ruining a brand new pair of volkls. upon purchasing the skis, the topsheets were already scratched up pretty nicely, but the bases and edges were and continue to be incredibly durable compared to my previous rides (volant powerkarve, rossi viper z). bottom line: definitely one of the toughest skis on the market, imho.

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Well, I just bought a new pair of G4s, and a good part of my buying decision was based on the super impressive performance of my G41s. They lasted a good 150 days with the past 50 days with full treatment as rock skis (and with our early season that actually meant a good amount of skiing on rocks, and landing on rocks and stuff they weren't designed for...) For about 40 days they were missing so much ptex there was nothing holding the edges in, and I had run over so many rocks that the edges were ground down to nothing, but they stayed in place. (I've never seen another ski do that) I finally tore a section of edge out, but the sidewall is still intact.

My husband has a pair of pocket rockets and he blew out an edge after about 3 days on them. His AK Rockets lasted a little longer, but now have the most ridiculously blown edges I've ever seen - they're the only pair of skis in our garage that are literally unskiable. He loves the feel of softer skis though, and can't resist. I prefer the solid feel of Volkls for everyday - so I'm sticking with those.

I think AltaSkier abuses his Volkls even more than I do, but is equally impressed with their durability.

I wouldn't worry about damage to the top and sides that you saw in the shop - it's only damage to the bases and edges that counts. And demo skis can get banged around a lot.
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As those on the board that have skied with me know, I tend to beat the piss out of skis. My G4's have lasted longer than most of my other skis. I took a core shot near an edge on mine a few weeks ago and looked at the edge very closely. Volkl anchors their edges in further than the ones on the Dynastars that I pulled out earlier this season. The bases are fairly strong, but have not noticed anything different between those and any others.

If you take care of this ski, it could last you a very long time. It has sold me on Volkl as a good company. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks guys! This totally inspires confidence and helps my decision making process.
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Yeah, I saw what Altaskier does to his skis at Alta. If he says they stand up I'd go with that.
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I would´nt say they don´t make them like they used to. Völkls are probably the most Mercedes-like skis out there and of great quality. Of course, a manufacturer that makes as many pairs as Völkl, there may be some beta pairs of the thousands they make. I´ve heard about this problem, and if it should happen to you, you should take them back to the retailer and they SHOULD give you a another pair. Also you might want to try to repair them yourself. This can be done by "re-laminating" the gashes. In this case, use a two-component epoxy-like (NOTE: like) glue that is relatively soft, so it does´nt crack while bending the ski. Anyway, I strongly suggest you take them back.
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Demo skis get used many times over a season by many different skier types. Damage happens. Manufacturers are responsible for defects in the ski, not damage from external sources including crashes. If the equipment is used for how it was designed, it should give you many days of fun on the mountains, regardless of brand or model.
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