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boots for a lightweight teenager

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I need to get my son (age 14) new boots. He was skiing in Atomic junior race boots for the last 2 seasons, but has big enough feet now (size 8 street shoe) that he needs to go to adult sizing. He is an expert, but not super aggressive, skier (can comfortably ski the double blacks at Copper and Vail). The problem is his size- he is 5'2" but only about 85 lbs, and I don't think he has the muscle mass to flex a stiff boot. He also has narrow low volume feet (just like me). I don't want to spend a fortune, since at his current rate of growth he may need a bigger pair for next season.

We will probably have to see a bootfitter up in the mountains, and he has footbeds (there is a great deal at Surefoot where they charge you once for footbeds, and make new ones each season for your kids until they stop growing at no additional charge), but I was hoping to perhaps find something inexpensive at the sales going on here in Denver. What do people think might be a boot to look at that is soft flexing enough for a lightweight, but has enough performance for him?
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There may be junior race boots in size 8 US or size 26 mondopoint. I myself am skiing in a Rossi Junior Race 1 in size 25.5 mondopoint [about 7 1/2 US], and they may come in larger sizes. They have a flex setting which works well, and mine are set on th more flexible setting. It's a great, snug fit in a boot I can flex without help from AHHHnold. For what it's worth [not much, I guess!], I'm sixty years old, 5'8" tall, and weigh in at about 145 bathroom scale and 153 doctor's balance scale, same result every time on each, respectively.
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My 13 year old is 5'2" is 135lbs. wear size 8 shoes and is skiing in Atomic's Junior Race Boot in a 24.5.

Works great
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Keep him in the junior boots as long as you can , he's not even close to big enough for the adult Atomics . Another thing to consider is the Atomic boots are a large volume boot to start with , they may not be what he needs .
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The Rossi Jr. Race 1 boots are low volime, fit snug,and the two stiffness adjustments work well and make a substantial difference. They look like the regular Race 1 boots and are often mistaken for them.
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Thanks for everyone's advice. We were not able to find the Rossi's in his size, but did find the Salomon Course T, which seems to fit him well (with a little extra room for growth- he grew almost one whole shoe size over the summer). It's the Salomon kids race boot, similar in design to the higher end X wave (even the same buckles as the adult high end boot), but with a 50 flex, and comes in sizes up to 26.5. It may be a little wider in the forefoot than the Rossi, but it appears to be OK.
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Also, Check out Jr. Langes - L Series. New this year is the L80 and L70.
Previous year's models were L10 Team and L8 Team. Same boots different flexes for lighter weights. Lange makes them to size 10. Power strap, snug fit, Excellent performance. Also If it has the cant adjustment (L10 Race Team) it is probably too much boot for your son.

Also consider closing the power strap on the liner snugly prior to closing outer boot - will close the lower leg/boot gap and provide more even flexing for him.
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