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heading to tahoe for a few days

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Well on feb 28th I'm flying to reno and then skiing northstar for two days (free lift tickets so I'll be staying at that resort). Anything I should know? Whats the little village type thing they ahve goign like? Best places to eat in the immediate area? Best runs? I'm sort of at that mid level between intermediate and advanced. How are the backside hills in terms of steepness? Basically I can handle myself well on the slopes but try to avoid overly steep hills as I'm not quite to that point yet. First time skiing in the west as well (and i'm sure it won't eb the last).
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Have fun at Northstar. This resort has significantly rebuilt and developed over the last couple years. Frankly, its kind of isolated and while it has "village" restaurants and lodging, all of my experience is away from there. Its in easy driving range of Reno, Truckee, North Lake Tahoe, so there are tons of places to go.

Skiing is beginner-intermediate on the front, and the backside diamonds are really intermediate to advanced depending on grooming (steepness is not an issue). There are some difficult runs down the gut of Lookout Mountain that are steep and moguled, and that is also the best place to be during crowded conditions (weekends). Lookout has 2 groomed, relatively steep runs that you should be able to handle.

You sound anxious about your skills matcing to the terrain. Don't worry. Experts derisively call Northstar "flatstar", a title it doesn't deserve unless you're inclined to ski expert terrain at Squaw, Rose, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood, etc. Northstar hasn't got one single cliff drop, couloir, or cornice or rock exposure that I'm aware of; thus the title. Northstar gets less snow than many other resorts because it is not on the Western Slope, is a lower elevation, and is in a precipitation shadow. By the same token, its relatively sheltered during storms and wind events and the trees preserve snow well. End of February should be great. If you are up for a bigger challenge, there are about 15 other ski areas nearby.
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Eh i'll only get in 2 days of skiing and my dad wants to avoid renting a car or at least not moving about much. Plus like I said the lift tickets were free so it looks like two days of northstar unless we want to head to sierra. Thanks.
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You can take a bus/ Shuttle from Flat Star to Kings Beach or Crystal Bay. Lots of Lake side food options in Kings Beach and a couple of very good resturants in The Biltmore and Crystal Bay Club.

Only down site to Bus service is that they shut it down pretty early. But hey maybee that has changed.

If your @ North Star and have not been to Tahoe, YOU HALF TO VISIT Kings Beach at a minimum.
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