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Spoiler/ Men's Combined

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The news media are having a negative field day
with the failure of You Know Who to get through
the combined.
But maybe they are high fiving at Nike's ad agency.
The TV ads they are running has him rueing parents
shoving kids into hypercompetitive thinking.
An undercurrent in the ad being participation
is the good. (I agree).
I wonder if these are his words, or a copywriter's?
It seems genius in light of his supposed failure.
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Nahh. They aren't happy at all. They did one quick interview with him as he was walking to his bus after he DSQd, and the story made all the news. If he had won gold, he'd have been sporting his Nike duds on the Today show, Good Morning America and, whatever show CBS has. He'd also have had his Nike duds on him for his Wheaties box photo shoot.

No, Nike is pissed. Therefore, I am pleased
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