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buying skis on line

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Hi again all!

Another question -- any list of on line dealers that you like? I am cruising ebay (which I have experience w/for other buys. If you know what you want, and WATCH feedback, it can be a good experience). Ebay doesn't seem to have the skis I want.

I checked skitrader.com and buyskis.com, w/o success on the model I want. Other places I should look?


Casey O
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what ski are you looking for, you should try,http://www.skiandsnowboards.com & http://www.skidealer.com
I have bought from both of these & can recommend them, also have heard good things about cupolo sports, do a search in epic for cupolo.
good luck bteddy
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I have bought a few pairs from www.kitsapsports.com and bindings from www.skidealer.com. These are the lowest prices I have found, however this is not a good time of year to get a great deal. Also, you can phone distant shops who will sell and ship you equipment. I have gotten all my tips from epicski!

Here is a good one I have purchased from (Calgary):
Deep Powder Ski Hut Ltd.
Tel: (403) 270-3508
Tol Free : 1-866-SKI-DEAL (order line only)
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I've haven't bought anything from them but http://www.skiandsnowboards.com/
do seem to have some good "close out" deals.
E.g Salomon Equipe 3V $499CDN
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I live in New Hampshire and have found these 2 European places to be absolutely terrific (there is a post somewhere in here about both of these places - all excellent reviews)


Cupolo Sports in Niagara, Ontario, Canada has also been great to me.
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that link should cover every ebay store that sells ski stuff

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I've had good luck with this site.
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Try www.skiershop.com. Great people and some good deals.
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I purchased by used skis from www.geardirect.com and I highly recommend them. Skis were actually better than expected, well packaged, and shipped the next day. I would buy from them again.
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Got my skis and bindings from www.coloradoskishop.com. They were very friendly and offered to mount my bindings for free (but have them checked locally). Skis and bindings shipped promptly and packaged very well.
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As always, thanks for all your help!

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