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I've long known of Green Mtn Orthotics and when I heard that they opened a facility in Vail I just had to check it out. I've always struggled with getting a precise fit in my boots and have always had to compromise fit for performance.

I'm happy to report that's no longer the case.

Greg is working out of Vail Sports in the Landmark building in Lionshead and I scheduled a 2 hour appointment. After listening to my problems he performed a detailed exam of my foot & boot in both static & dynamic positions. Then he went to work on my liners & my existing orthotics. I was ready for him to recommend new orthotics, which I was not looking forward to paying for, but to my surprise he made no such recommendation and worked with my existing footbeds. After doing these mods we then introduced a test 1.5 degree bevel with cork strips to my bindings to simulate the effect that boot planing would have. Luckily I had time to get testing done that afternoon and I was blown away by the changes. At first the skis felt a tad squirrly until I introduced some more angulation and higer edge angles. Things then really got exciting. I was moving from edge to edge quicker & more fluidly than ever before. Short turns, long I was on new skis.
The next day I discovered the benefits in bumps & crud. The tails disengaged much more rapidly and got less "hung up." My speed through familiar bumps seemed to increase while requiring less effort.

So I'm a believer. I ordered cantable Lange toe & heel plates for the permanent mod which will arrive shortly.
If you're looking for a master boot technician in the Vail area then Greg's your man. The contact info is posted on the Green Mtn website: