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Effect of skier weight on ski selection

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I am an intermediate skier (comfortable on the blue runs, don't do many black runs... yet) and weigh 240lbs. I am considering buying either Atomic M:9 or M:10 skis (in 171 length) and am curious as to what those of you more experienced than I would suggest? I am thinking that because of my weight, the M:10 may ski a little softer and be a good option? I certainly don't mind a ski that will push me to improve and while it sounds like the sweet-spot on the M:9 may be larger, I would like to have a ski I can grow into but that won't hold me back by continually punishing me by dumping me on my butt with every mistake.

Also, does anyone know if there are any differences (other than graphics) between the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 versions of these skis?

Any thoughts / advice / words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!
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I'm a recent M:10 owner and I'll give you my thoughts. First off some background. I'd consider myself an advanced skiier for out east entirely on piste, and occasional soft stuff when we get it (not often). I'm about 6 foot nothing and run close to 300 lbs. I'm a BIG guy.

That being said I've been very pleased with the M:10's in 164. They were a LOT different ski than i was used to (rossignol cut 177's). I probably would have prefered the next size up expecially considering my weight but have since gotten used to them but for on piste this is not a big issue.

The ski was most difinately stiffer than what i was on, and much more drastic sidecut. Binding placement will change the performance of this ski a lot. I've got the atomic race 4.12's which have adjustable positioning, In neutral they love to turn tight as long as you keep forward on them, and are quite demanding, but I'd say at higher speeds can be a bit scary. Feels like they want to shoot me into the woods. This is probably due to my technique. But i found that if i move the binding back about 1cm to the "all around" setting they are more to my liking, and i can relax and just ski. if i want to be turny with tight carves, i just get forward and engage the front of the ski, if i want to really let them rip and make MY radius turns i can relax a bit and have a more neutral stance and they feel a bit more stable at speed.

Most i have heard say that have demoed several skis that these boards are very stiff, if you're an intermediate for the east you may find that these skis can be a bit demanding but very fun. My fellow instructors generally feel that you should go with the shortest ski you can tolerate, and in my case i think the 164 would fit this bill, but if your out west you'll probably want a longer board to help with the soft stuff.

As has been said before Demo, Demo, Demo. (i didn't but it was the ski i was looking for at a VERY good price and i jumped on it.) Enjoy your sliding.
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