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I'm a beginner just curious as to what pants one would recommend for someone that both wants to downhill and cross country ski. Any tips that I should look out for when buying them thanks
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In order of descending warmth, I would like to recommend these:

- Wild Things EP Pants

- MEC Ferrata Ultra pants

- MEC Ferrata Simplex pants

- Moonstone Cirque pants

All of which I've worn and love.

Notice the pattern: no Gore-Tex or other non-stretchy exterior, boot zips, pant configuration (as opposed to tights like MEC Venturi).

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thanks for the suggestion. Any reason you don't like goretex?
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I like Gore-Tex and similar membranes well enough, Marco, but not for XC: unless it is brutally windy or cold I am usually steaming hot by 12-18 minutes into the run. Gore-Tex is just too sticky, heavy, loud and baggy (it has to be- it doesn't stretch) to be really good for XC.

A decent question to ask yourself might be "What downhill ski pant would I not mind running/jogging in?". There's my list.

(I do actually like the Venturi tight, but it's not happening with alpine boots).

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