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Some background: I'm 6'4", 260lbs and spent my winters from the age of 8 till 22 or so skiing a lot. I was Easily a type 3 skiier (how could you NOT be with Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee, and Bridger Bowl in your back yard). I then took a decade off, living where snow isn't plentiful and ski hills non-existant and have slipped down to a comfortable type 2 skiier. I just like to get out and play on runs I don't have to hike to, and they rarely have a black diamond associated with them. Most (70~80%) of my skiing is done on groomed runs, the rest is mostly powder and some tree skiing when I know there's a good stash lurking. The Rossignol Freeride rentals I've been using are WAY to soft for me. They won't hold an edge at all if I'm going any speed above lethargic, and I like to open it up every now and then.

I've got good boots (DaleBoot), good gear, good means to get to my closest hill (150 miles one way to a small day hill), etc. I'm skiing enough now that buying would be beneficial. Problem is that the local hill doesn't have a whole lot of ski choices... pretty much just these brands:

Rossignol, CARRERA, Lange, Atomic, Dynastar and Oxygen

Since I'm just a 'ski for fun' kinda guy, I don't really follow skis (haven't been skiing enough, or making enough money, to worry about either till now). Just hoping for a recomendation or two till the next Demo Day happens in Jackson ~ then I'll foot the massive bill for that trip (if I haven't bought anything yet).

Thanks in advance!