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Test your Reflexes!

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Originally Posted by SugarCube
Boy is that addictive.

I did make 25.563 seconds after about a dozen tries.

My first try was .321 seconds. Pretty darn good, huh?
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Kinda like skiing on a crowded day .
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Maybe it's because I ski in the mid atlantic and drive in DC rush hour traffic, but on my second try I got to 35 seconds and got bored, so I let go of the mouse till it got hit.

The penguin batting practice was a lot more fun.
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depends on the speed of computer.
On one hit 38 seconds plus.
Another computer, have not passed 15.
Wish I had never seen it.
How to explain it in rehab....
(Dick Cheney hit all four blue, but
he was aiming at the red).
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