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MRG Video taken Feb 10th

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Sweet double ejection - thanks for leaving that one in there.
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Looks like some decent snow for the season we're having.

Thanks for sharing the great shots.
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Dang, I was there the same day.
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Nice tree mystique.
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I'm jealous.
Looks pretty sweet.
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Man, that was great. I love Mad River! Nice skiing, nice crash, can't wait to get there.

If Epic gave awards for video, you would get one.
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GJ guys I know exactly where the first few shots where taken. Looks like the exact run we did twice hehe. I was thinking that the upper part of Ruby in partticular would be good for video since the trees are mostly burned out. Wish I had stayed the whole day and gotten in those videos That run was definately skiing sweet that day. We went to Killington on Sunday and it was crap in comparison. Of course we went in the woods anyway. Its nice to see you capture some of the images that bring us so much joy, and of course judging by the grins on your faces u guys as well. Let me know when you are in the neighborhood again and if we can get out we will do some runs again.

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Sweet video which brings back memories of MRG. Looked like a few stashes in the Paradise/Fall Line area feeding into Grand Canyon's bumps at the bottom...Nothing like a good header into some POW!!
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Thats not where that was filmed. I could be wrong cause I had already left but I think they used the terrain we showed them which was on the other side, over by catamount and antelope. The snow was better over there. The two trail clips looked like Canyon and glade but the trees where on the other side. We did take them down falldise but it was really technical that day and hard to string togethor a line, which would present lots of filming problems.
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It was fall dise. It was tough filming as can be seen by the short clips. The shot of mike coming over the boulder is the same area where I lost ski al. I think you remember.
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Fun! I loved the air-to-faceplant!
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Sweet morn

Originally Posted by Noodler
Sweet double ejection - thanks for leaving that one in there.
Nice vid, guys! Isn't it interesting how tight tree shots never look as steep in a video as they truly are?

By the looks of that header, I'd say your tips found an opening in the underpow crust. Doncha hate it when that happens?

Had a great time meeting up with you two - let's do it again soon & share a few more "secret stashes"

BTW, how did Saturday go at Pico?
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