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Download speeds

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What gives with the horribly slow download speeds? I have to store everything locally to review, and it takes forever (about 10 minutes for the moguls video.)

Its the same on either a 100 mb or 10 mb connection -- problem is on your end...
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BigE, is that from the video server? Or from the forums server?
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Everything is slllloooooowwwwwwww todayyyyyyyyy.
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Current transfer rate is 10.9 kb.sec
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OK, BigE. dchan will need to take a look at this...
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it's probably the fact that video.epicski.com is currently on the same drive cluster as the forum. Multiple people hitting all the video's at the same time will bring the transfer rate way down. Also these are pretty big files as I set them up for high speed downloads. I might have to consider compressing them more and sacrificing some video quality for speed.. I'm in the process of assembling a new system to handle the video and images and hope to be able to "cluster and load balance" a few servers (or at least the drive clusters) together to speed video downloads.
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dchan, fwiw, I'd prefer to see the video quality higher, even if it takes longer to download. I may be alone in that, but there you go...
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me too.

as an aside. I put up 3 large videos and posted threads about 2 of them right away. I'm sure several people tried to download them at the same time. Then Gary had to get into the action and point more people to that hack job of a nastar run I did:which I'm sure caused more people to put some load on the drives. :

It should get better once the rush to download lightens up a bit.
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Do you actually have any statistics on the number of folks downloading videos or is this speculation?

While high loads would certainly cause download speeds to decrease, I'm not sure I've ever seen them at a level of what I'd call satisfactory.

I was trying to download after 11:00 PM, a time I'd suspect the systems would be fairly quiet.

In almost every attempt, the download speeds began at a reasonable level and then degraded rapidly.

In Unix land, this is consistent with an FTP service that has it's priority lowered by the scheduler so as to better serve connected terminal users. But terminal users are not a priority for file servers....

I'd take a look at how the file server software is allotted time slices.....perhaps the way it's scheduled can be modified so that it'll receive more cycles?

Just a thought.....
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Something has really happened to the speed of the downloads. Yesterday I could not get more than 3.5 kb/sec from video.epicski.com Today it is much faster. As an experiment, I temporarily posted the Dchan in NASTAR video at PutFile.com and compared the download speed. Clear your buffer and do your own comparison, but today the Epicski video server is much better, almost instantaneous.

For example this is the original Dchan in NASTAR link
Here is the same file hosted at putfile.com

BTW, I will delete the hosting at www.putfile.com if requested, or feel free to link to it.

BTW these are not large files. I would recommend posting a separate link for highly compressed files suitable for slower connections, but keep at least the file size you are using. With my connection, I am willing to load 60 to even 100 MB files. The above file is only 2.77 MB. However, video should not be posted in AVI uncompressed format.
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DSL download speed for Epic ok

I just tested the download speed/times for these video files with my Yahoo DSL. The DChan .wmv file size is 2.77 MB for 14 seconds of video footage.

1. 76 seconds or about 36 KB/sec for DChan file at Epic server http://video.epicski.com/ma/dcnastar.wmv

2. 34 seconds or about 81 KB/sec for DChan file at Putfile http://media.putfile.com/Dchan-NASTAR-Run1

3. Next I checked my DSL speed both at the CNET Bandwidth Meter http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html and Bandwidth Place Speed Test www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/ and got about 1200 kbps. [1200 kpbs kilobits per second = 146 KB/sec kilobytes per second (kpbs kilobits per second/8.192 = KB/sec kilobytes per second)]
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Much better today.

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