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Cleaning skis

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I was forced to transport my skis on an open roof rack today. There isn't any encrusted salt/grime on the ski or binding, but there is a thin film of the stuff all over. I really hated doing this but had no choice. What is the best way to clean this off? I thought about hosing everything down with a water hose, then drying everything like I normally do. But I am not sure if this is ok for the bindings.
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Better to get the salt off. Skis are wet all of the time so as long as you give them a dry wipe, they'll be fine.

Let them dry in a warm place so the water doesn't freeze inside the bindings.
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Throw them in the maytag on permanant press cycle

Seriously, you can hose them off. You probably don't want to blast your bindings with high power water stream. It might blast off the grease. But you can always regrease them. Salt is definately no good in your bindings. I don't see it hurting anything else except maybe rusting your edges which you will rub off when you ride anyways. There are binding covers you can buy for when you transport your skis that way.
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When you get back home, stand them up in the shower on cold for a few minutes, that should rinse the salt grime off. My rationale is that cold will not soften the grease up like hot would, but youll probably want to regrease anyways, so it may not matter.
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Bindings are designed to deal with water. That's what snow is after all.

There's also wax remover you can buy which is a petroleum based product. It would certainly clean anything off, but I'd just try water.
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Thanks. I ran some water over the skis last night, but didn't get much on the bindings. I will spray them off tonight. I am definitely going to get a binding cover for the future...just in case this type of thing happens again.
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Originally Posted by lemmy999
I am definitely going to get a binding cover for the future.
There's an awesome product for that made by Hefty. Saran wrap would probably work as well.
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I tried saran wrap once, and it was a mistake -- it did not hold up to the wind and shredded. Trash bag would be better.

Rather than a binding cover, I would just get a real thin ski bag that can go in your roof racks. For really gnarly road conditions, I have an old ski bag from the 1980s that protects the whole skis, and I don't car if it gets dirty or covered with salt. Unfortunately, it's a tight fit on skis with lifters and tall bindings, and the inner plastic is starting to flake. Time to look for a new cheap/thin bag....
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