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BLIZZARD Titan Sigma 8.2?

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Anyone skied this ski? I know Peter Keelty recommends it. I would need it as an all mountain/freeride ski, mainly off piste. how stiff is the ski. it has a very wide shovel 120mm which seems big for a ski with an 82mm waist.

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Have not had opportunity to try off piste,but they are very capable of both long and short turns on firm skiied out snow on piste,really good edge hold for 82mm waist.from the 4-6hrs I have been on them I would assume they would be a very good off piste ski.Try searching the powdermag forum,I belive I saw some first hand info there a while back.By the way I made a price reduction in the swap forum.
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Just got back from a week in Steamboat, during which 41" of champagne dumped from the sky in a seemingly endless deluge of heavy snowfall.

Taking the advice of some guys downtown at One Stop Ski Shop, a place I highly recommend (ski demos are $20 vs. $45 on the mountain), I demoed the '03 Titans (same ski, new face for '04) in a 173. I'm about 6'1", 165 Lbs and this ski was a dream off-piste in the knee-deep on Thursday. From the steeps around Chutes 1,2,and 3 to the trees on Closet and Shadows, the Titans were nothing short of amazing in the pow. And I was loving every mm of the shovel. The float and steerage were effortless ...

What made me immediately go and buy a pair, however, was their agility on groomers. While definitely not made for eastern hardpack, the 82 mm waist belies it's maneuverability in packed out conditions. It chattered a bit at high speed, but that's pretty much unavoidable for a ski with those dimensions.

This is a powder ski that can get you in between stashes with style.

Having never skied anything from Blizzard, they Titans have instantly leaped to the front of my quiver.
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Great ski. It has a GS-like 22M radius and is fairly beefy for a powder ski. I hear they're popular in Tahoe and other places with heavier snow.
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Ski Make: Blizzard
Ski Model: Titan 8.2 Sigma
Ski Length: 178
Snow Conditions Used In: 6-12" wind blown powder, packed powder groomers, crud, trees.
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: adv/expert
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25+
Other Skis You Like: Volant Chubbs and PowerKarves, Solomon Supermountians, Volkl Explosives.
Your Height/Weight: 5' 10 180lbs geared up

I skied the Titan 8.2 last year in a 178cm when my ESS binders failed. I though they felt like 2x4s. These have to be the plankiest feeling skis I have ever tried. I recently tried the Volkl Explosives 120-95-104 180cm(ex CMH rentals) and they had much more flex and responsivness. The Volkls are considered a stiff ski but the Blizzard was an order of magnitude stiffer. I wouldnt take the Titan 8.2 if it was given to me!

[ February 12, 2004, 11:51 PM: Message edited by: REd ]
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Ok, I know this thread is ancient, but I thought I'd post some comments on this ski so that those who come across a late model version on sale (as I did) have some more reference material. There isn't much currrent information out there on Blizzard skis in the US, and the Blizzard website is less than helpful.

Ski Make: Blizzard
Ski Model: 2004 Titan 8.2 Sigma
Ski Length: 185
Snow Conditions Used In: 12" powder, packed powder groomers, crud, chop, trees. Also on a second day of groomed runs, bumps and hard snow.
Number of Days Used: 2
Your Ability: expert (9)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20+
Other Skis You Like: coming off of Rossi Bandit XX 191, and skied K2 Xplorers in 193, K2 Enemy 183
Your Height/Weight: 6'2" 175 geared up
Terrain: Western Rockies (primarily CO) in Summit Co, Vail, A Basin etc. The snow pack can either be very boney or very deep.
Setup: Mounted flat with Solomon 912ti bindings

I bought these skis at a tent sale this year for under 200 bucks - at that price, it's worth the gamble on a ski I didn't know much about. Last time I saw Blizzards, they were strapped to the feet of a florescent jacket clad, mullet-wearing friend of mine in the midwest, circa 1989. A lot can happen in that span of time...

I was looking to jump into the 80+ waisted ski, from the 74mm Bandits. I had purchased the Fischer Big Stix 8.6 as well, and returned them after crossing paths with the Blizzards (better deal, and the Fischers were a 180, which seemed too short). I have no regrets so far.

Ski Feel:
The Blizzard is a much stiffer ski than my Rossis - the 185 length feels nearly identical to the 191 Bandit. As a few folks have mentioned, they are a beefy ski. They feel very Austrian to me (though this is my first experience on Austrian skis) - they are serious, stiff, stable and fast. They contrast the French feel (light, turny, lively) almost completely. The turn radius is much bigger, to be sure, but they really just want to get up and go fast. I haven't found the top end, and probably won't.

They are closer in feel to the K2's Ive had - more damp than the Rossis. I think the Blizzards hold an edge much better though, and they are definitely faster. I seem to be repeating myself.

Hard Snow:
Great edge hold, big turn radius. They require attention and effort if you're trying to make shorter turns. Turn initiation is good, and they finish a turn nicely as well. Edge to edge it is not a particularly quick ski. A wide open groomer at mach 2 is what these prefer. Fun overall, but I prefer the French feel here to the burly Blizzards.

These were more work in the bumps, definitely. They had a wider shovel, and this threw off what I was used to with the Rossis as far as where the ski was going to grab when pressing the tips into the troughs. I assume that after a few days on these, I'll have a better feel for them in the bumps, but on day one, they were work. You cannot get in the back seat with these, they'll just rocket you in whatever direciton they're pointed if you get lazy. They are a little wide to really ski bumps well, but they'll do fine, with concentration.

Steep, tight runs were very fun on these. They are very precise, and pretty easy to get around in a tough spot. I mounted these with 912ti bindings, and this is where I noticed the lighter weight compared to my old setup. Again, you do have to stay on top of them - they don't forgive mistakes. But my efforts are rewarded with a kind of stability and speed that I hadn't been able to bring to really steep runs before.

Crud and Chop:
Wow. Did I mention stable? Here is where that really comes into play. You can rocket through the crud like it's not even there. The 120mm shovel and 82mm waist erase just about everything. These really are a blast in snow that's been skied off and variable snow. They float when they need to float, and they edge when they need to edge. Unbelievably rock solid.

Again. Excellent. I can carry much more speed in the deep with these as a result of the width and stiffness. I haven't skied anything wider than these skis, but they feel wider to me than advertised. I was expecting a small gain over the Bandits (with 10mm or so of width difference), but was surprised at how much better the Blizzards are in powder. Very confidence inspiring, to the point of pushing you towards the edge of your ability. As I said, I now carry much more speed with confidence, and need to learn to reign them in a little when things get really tight (read: trees).

Glad I bought them, as you have guessed by now. They'll compliment the Bandits nicely. I'm also glad I didn't drop down any more than 185 in length as I think it adds to the skis stability where it really shines - like steeps, crud and powder. If I had gone shorter, they'd be better in the bumps, no doubt, but bumps aren't really in these skis true charachter.

I can only imagine what the current crop of Blizzard Titans (8, 9, and Pro) ski like based on the 8.2. If the charachter of those skis is similar, I wouldn't hestiate to buy them. If you're looking for a serious ski, this line has the goods.

Hope this helps someone.
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Goodbye to a great ski

The Titan 8.2 was my everyday ski for the last 3 years(almost a seaon off because of a knee surgery. I skied it in a 185 and it did everything I asked, even carved ice when freshly tuned. Super Stable at speed, yet as turny as I needed. If the tip is pressured hard, it can grab and bring around a short turn. If skied more in the middle, GS heaven especially with the relatively narrow tail and wide tip.

Too bad it took 1 rock too many. Looking for a replacement, any ideas?
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