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ESA and Beyond. (SV ID)

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Many of you know that after ESA I skied day 0 of the gathering (pre gathering at snow basin) and then was planning to stay in Ogden with Steelman (thanks again for the offer). At the end of the day I decided it would make more sense to get out of UT and into Sun Valley a day earlier due to a weather front coming in. I'm glad I left when I did. I started to look for a place to stay and decided that a nap in the van would suffice. I made it to Sun Valley in time to browse a few stores and check out the book store. Then retired in the Van for a short night of rest. When I awoke it was clouded over and looking like the weather would hit, and HIT it did. : Vis got down to about 10 ft. and it dumped most of the day. All flights into SV were either cancelled or diverted to Twin falls and Boise except one. The flight my group was on was the only flight to land in SV that day. I think only one flight got out... The members of my group that were coming from LAX had a flight cancellation and had to come in the next day. After driving from Tahoe to ESA in driving rain and snow, I'm very glad I took to the road Friday night after the gathering at Snow Basin. I didn't need to do more "snow driving"

The rest of the week was great skiing. SV does a great job of grooming the areas that they do groom and the rest of the mountain got bumped up pretty quickly. For those of you that have never skied Sun Valley, They get lots of Sun which we were grateful for. The group I skied with prefer nicer days to stormy days.

Bonnie Wetmore was a great instructor for the group and we had 2 full semi private full day sessions with her.

I got almost all the members of our group to run the Nastar course on Tuesday. Monday night I only had about half signed up and one by one they grudgingly agreed to run the course (including my dad at age 75) Tuesday morning I did a little half hour clinic on how to run a race course. I explained some tactics and found a little lip for them to practice "getting out of the start gate"
After the race all I heard was how fun it was and that they might go do it again Thursday and Friday!

The snow stayed nice most of the week and we had a great time. Some great improvement from all the people taking lessons. One of our group is a boarder and got to be a "Hero" by stopping an out of control slide by a lady down Limelight. She slid about 200 yards and was approaching the cat track when our Hero hauled her in and stopped her. (how a beginner ended up on Limelight is beyond me. Good thing there weren't any bumps)

If you thought Snowbird had hard trail ratings try Sun Valley.

Greens would be blue at Snowbird and Blues (groomed) would be about the steepness of most resorts blacks. The blacks if groomed are very steep and there are no double blacks (that I found anyway) Blacks were extremely steep or steep blues with bumps.

The runs are long!!!! Chair 10 which is the chair we rode up each morning is 3200 Vertical feet and it's pretty steep all the way down. this makes for a very long last run to the bottom.

Pictures will follow as I have more time but for now I'm spending a lot of time getting the ESA video compiled so I can send those out..

The drive home from SV to SF took about 12 hours, was un eventful, and I'm happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed (finally)
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nice report dchan. you timed the SV visit perfectly!
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Yes, nice report. I thought that discussion a few weeks ago about "who sleeps in their vans in the parking lots..." was a joke, maybe not?
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Originally Posted by ElkMountainSkier
Yes, nice report. I thought that discussion a few weeks ago about "who sleeps in their vans in the parking lots..." was a joke, maybe not?
I generally don't but I can't afford to get a room for a 4-6 hour nap. Since I was not planning on skiing Saturday (waiting for my group to arrive) I figured I could go shopping at 6 AM, Check in at 9:00 AM, take a shower and another nap in the room, Prep all the ingredients for dinner, check out the town and still get back to cook dinner for the 25 travelers coming in, and still meet them at the airport.
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My cousin (5 yrs old Feb 7) refused to go to ski school (bad experience the first visit) but we did get her on skis!

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Great timing! Great trip! Great pictures!
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