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I'm looking at a few different Head skis on eBay at the moment and would like to hear from anyone who has experienced more than one of them.

I'm looking for some skis to replace my 2001 Atomic BetaRide 9.22's. Having skied on some Head i.C.180s recently, which I really liked, I have a better idea about what I'm looking for - basically something which carves really well on the piste, where I'm likely to spend 75% of my time, but which also holds up well in crud and a certain degree of powder. Two skis I'm looking at are Head's XRC 800's (from 2005-2006) and the Monster i.M.70 (from 2003-2004). Which of these would be better in the off-piste? They're subtly different in dimensions - the 112-69-101 for the Monsters (narrower shovel, wider waist), 117-66-101 for the XRC 800s (wider shovel, narrower waist). I'm even contemplating the i.C.160s or its successor, the C260i. (As well, of course, as the i.C.180 / C280i, but I'm not seeing these come up on eBay at good prices).

Any thoughts?