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I believe that the "Rossignol Race Centers" -- there's a list of a few dozen on their website -- sell honest-to-God Super G skis. Other brands deal with retailers in various ways that are similar or different.

I've seen brand new, never mounted, real-deal SG skis on the racks in the local ski shop. In this particular shop, they're not way over in the corner, but they are in an area with other race stuff.
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Originally Posted by skibee1000
If you ever see some speed ski's, then they are a pair that the owner of hte shop might have previousely owned at some point.
Nope, this years, brand new.
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Originally Posted by Lodro
Yeah, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not po'd opr anything, I just find it a little silly. BTW, one of my local ski shops actually has SG skis (can't remember DH or not) *on the racks*. Just thinking how funny it would be to watch one of those self-proclaimed "expert" skiers who've skied maybe 20 days in their lives (you know the guys I'm talking about) walk in and try to convince the salesperson to sell him a pair of DH skis for freeskiing!
Hey, they are not that difficult to ski on. Afterall my slaloms use to be 205cm
and GS 210's. with less shape then the newer speed skis. I skied on about a 207 salomon S1 a couple of years ago. they were better then i expected.
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Originally Posted by skibee1000
Company's that make race ski's have very little market in race ski's because the only people that get them at my level and up, are people that are sponsord or get good deals.

Real race stock ski's are not ever stocked in a shop. If you ever see some speed ski's, then they are a pair that the owner of hte shop might have previousely owned at some point.
Actually in large race areas that do not have the abundance of local reps that you have the luxury of in Vermont, shops that carry true race stock skis do exist. True, they are still not what I would call common, but they are out there. I know about 3 in Western NY that supply most of the area racers. They do carry DH and SG skis from various brands, but certianly not all. Most good race shops can get their hands on anything you want pretty quickly though...
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[quote=JohnH]The boots they have hanging from their shoulders are also not their race boots.

THis is actually incorrect. 90% of the time it is their boots (check out ligety and bode with their boots with the after market booster straps. This is not some promotional pair where they took the time to put boosters on, booster is not in the pool and ray (the owner) is not paying anyone to be on the prodcut).
Look on the podium as well . These are mostly non retail boots (nordica dobi 160, lange wc boots zc/zi and the atomic wc boots). The only reason to switch boots would be to put the retail boot on display. I can remember adds with Pirmin Zubriggen holding a pair of nordica 882's when her was really skiing on grand prixs, but they would not switch them up in the finish.
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As you've all figured out...

...and this has been true of World Cup for some time, racers don't take their race skis up on the podium. One of the big reasons for this in speed events is that the logos aren't at eye level...which is really important, right?

And, yes, what you were mostly seeing on the podium at Torino accompanying the Atomic athletes was next year's GS 12 PowerBridge. The weird thing is that the "cap" skis that Daron and Bode were using/considering in the DH looked to me like they had a real similar construction to the GS 12...and I'm also fairly certain that Bode is currently skiing SL on the 12 construction.

So what is the 12 construction? They've tweaked the Betas again, and they're now kind of an unequal trapezoid...you have to be there to get the full effect. For the non-FIS version, the sidecut is still 19, but the tip is wider and the waist is also just a little wider. The Aerospeed 2 topskin is now just on the outside of the Betas...dunno what that's all about. The ski is definitely beefer in the middle than the GS 11M, and the PowerBridge plate is a lot heftier. The tip is really snubbed off...I think the idea is like a speed event ski...take mass out of the tip to keep it from messing up the balance/swing weight.

Overall effect? Very quick and easy to hook up like the GS 11M, but the GS 12s hold better, have more energy out of the turn, feel closer to a true race ski than the 11M. They feel like a hockey skate under your feet. The (non-FIS, I think) SL equivalent is going to be available in a 160 cm which is what I want. How do I know all this? My Favorite Atomic Dealer got me a pair of 180 GS 12s that I raced on in a Master's GS at Vail...great ski. Every time I think Atomic has run out of ideas, they come up with one better...
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