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Te he he Fox.

Todd - bragging in some situations is out of line but amongst tight groups of friends it is acceptable behaviour. I have seen skiers and boarder of all abilities bragg about their acheivements so I disagree with your suggestion that there is a relationship to ability.
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Yep - ski width is an issue, shape, length, construction . . . and technology will always march forwards, and accelerate in its progression too.

Anybody remember (not so long ago) when the big argument was about cap skis?

Its been said many times but if older technology proves studliness - the real macho men should be on wooden skis, without metal edges and leather straps holding their leather boots on the boards.
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I certainly did not mean the lighthearted and fun bragging among friends that happens with everybody. You think I'm a buddist monk or something? Thanks but no! No, I was referring to the more deeply rooted serious need to seem superior to others. You know - that state most of us guys existed in until our early to late 20's? But some never grow out of?
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Bodes GS ski. Bode had next years Fisher World Cup GS with the 21m radius sidecut. It also has Fishers new vibration frequency tuning sytem. The ski is a sandwich construction with the tuning sytem grafted on the top. I have skied the new models and they are unbeliavable.

Fisher is building this ski next year in a 17m radius for us mear mortals. Unless you ski over 50mph in GS race course this will be a great ski.
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OK Fox..... here's a girls opinion. I used to ski 190 slaloms, then the shapes came. Got my first pair in a 180 and was happy. Skied 180's for a while, now I'm "down" to a 173 GS (admitedly I would probably be as comfortable on the 168). Some of my friends think it looks long, but the Volkl reps, and one examiner, told me I'm on the right length. I love them, and can ski them well.

On the issue of width, I've yet to demo anything over a 67mm waist that's wowed me. I just don't get excited over mid-fats.

I believe that the length choice of a ski has more to do with what that ski is designed to be skied at than anything else. Look at the lengths the ski is made in, if you are heavy, or traditionally always skied the longest lengths go to the upper range. If you are light, or have always skied shorter lengths go short. Best is to always demo to find what's comfortable for you.
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WTFH - IMHO depending on the skill level of the owner and application of various techniques there are normaly a range of lengths and widths that may bring a smile to the face of a female skier. Its all a matter of personal preference...what works for some may not work for others.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
For example, you don't have to have the latest tennis racquet to love tennis and the sensation you get when you hit the ball well do you? Same goes for ski length. Certainly, the sensations might be slightly better or different if you had the latest racquet, but what you have is great also.

It is unrealistic that every skier can afford to keep up with changes in ski tech.


Newbie here, maybe 10-12 days on snow lifetime. I had to comment once tennis came up (since that's my main sport). While the first level of "gearism" is just like in any other sport - game off the shelf, there's also a reverse thing going on in tennis - so called "player's" frames have very few bells and whistles. Anytime a manufacturer adds a feature or discontinues a previous "player's" model, there's lots of teeth gnashing and assorted other complaining. Of course, this sort of thing gets carried away, and now there's a hot market for rackets made 20 years ago from a specific factory - since the current versions of the same stick "just don't feel the same." Summary? Macho men play with sticks that are far too small and far too heavy for their abilities (though the demands of the macho stick will eventually make them get better - or get another stick).
Many even look wistfully back at the days of wood (there are even some all-wood tournies, though few and far between).

Further, there's been a trend for the last five year or so toward "comfort" or more muted feeling sticks - which makes more serious players cringe, since "feel" is what we all strive for in the first place. In fact, its a badly kept secret that the latest greatest rackets that the pros play with are usually the same thing they've always played with, only with new paint jobs (with the exception of Pete Sampras, who won't even allow paint jobs).

Basically, it boils down to casual player's needing game-improvement or 'tweener (part player part game-improvement) wands to give them enough successful sensations to want to continue playing the game.

So we continue the analogy to skiing. My girlfriend and I ski once a week at bear mountain - I'm on blues, she's almost there. Took advantage of Sport Chalet's recent blow out sale and got put in atomic 170 7.18's/solomon evolution 9.0 for me, rossignol 150 cut 10.6/solomon performa 6.0 for her. We're casual skiiers who are sick of renting - and we got away with two packages for less than $800 total. I'm exicited to take the gear out for the first time this weekend, and ashamed to admit how often I've been checking the snow reports. Makes me happy at least - and if I get really obsessed and I can always blow more money on going macho, right?

Anyway, you guys have a great (and addictive) sport. Its nice to see that gearism is alive and well in sports other than tennis, too.
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My 2cents; The p-40 platinum should be great in that length for your weight. I weigh 170 and have a pair of 193's . Love them. Great on ice, great Gs cruiser, great short fall line turns. Loves groomers. You have no problem. Not a bump ski and not a powder ski.. but that's what a gear junkie's closet is for, I guess..
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Some good analogies. Ski racing equipment doesn't have the comfort or ease-of-use features that recreational gear has. But it's usually even more high tech.

My situation is somewhat reversed from yours... I only occasional play some tennis, and I'm looking for a "better" raquet to improve my game. My guess is that after a few days on the slopes with your new stuff, you'll be looking for some higher-end gear. Yes, it's addicting.
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And if it wasn't for our rampent gearism, the ski co's wouldn't have all those R&D dollars to keep wowing us with! :

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fls, I have my "old" racquet and a SLEW of new ones. The new ones have helped me to re-enter tennis with greater pleasure and success, and less injury. However, the reason I have a "SLEW of new ones" is that, as I progress, my requirements change - the weight just slightly inches up, the string bed area inches down, and the balance inches from head heavy to head light. My current love and partner in greater success is truly a so-called "'tweener" racquet, somewhere between the plane vanilla "player's" racquet and the bells and whistles super-light head heavy comfort giving injury preventing "game improvement" type. My "tastes" have changed, as my experience has increased and my skill has improved. To be specific, I am now hitting with the Prince Triple Threat Vendetta - standard length, 95" string bed area, half an ounce shy of 11 oz. unstrung, two pts. head light, and strung at 2 lbs. over the midpoint recommended string tension. Am I speaking your language yet?! and yes, skiing has affected me the same way, except that the money I spend on club fees, lessons, racquets etc. pales - PALES!! - in comparison to what I spend on skiing. Anyway, the general principle is the same: Only the player/skier can know what weapon is best for him- or herself. So welcome to the new addiction!!!
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