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Fischer AMC 76

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I bought some AMC 76's length 176 last week on pro form. The service was great. I ordered the skis on Monday, received them on Friday. I bought the skis because I was dissatisfied with the performance of my RX8's in softer snow, even though I love them in hard snow conditions. I had demoed the AMC 79, and the Nordica Top Fuel. I like those skis but wanted a little more turn. I skied the AMC 76's in hard and soft conditions this past weekend, and was delighted with their performance. The grip on hard snow was very good, and the performance in fresh snow, and then the cut up snow that followed as the snow was heavily tracked, was excellent. There were no real bumps, so I don't have an indication yet on that score. The AMC 76 is not very demanding, and is very easy to ski. The turn radius is tight enough to permit some very tight carved turns. FWIW I am 6'2", 280 pounds, and a good, but not very aggressive skier, meaning I finish most of my turns most of the time, skiing dynamic parallel in about 90% of my turns on single black diamonds, with some deterioration as it gets steeper.
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I bought a pair of AMC 76's in 170 this fall. Great ski as long as you ski them new school. Agree that they somehow manage surprising hard snow grip but forgiving transitions. Still not a blast-though-anything ski, but far more stable than my RX8's in soft snow or crud. You'll like them in bumps, too, where the blast-through-anything brands tend to feel like logs.
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Good to hear your thoughts -- I also feel that my RX-8 are a little difficult to ski well in soft snow and crud (not surprising given their shape and narrow waist).
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I had several runs on some '76s in a 170 yesterday. They skied a lot like my 167 Recons except the edge was a tad less crisp, which could have been demo tune, and the shovel is a bit more stiff, so the ride over cut up stuff wasn't quite as smooth. Overall a very easy ski to roll onto edge and ride a variety of turn shapes.
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I guess that's why they say to demo! I skied the AMC76 (170 lenght) for a day in St Anton, Austria. The conditions were 1-2 inches of new snow over ice that quikly formed into moguls. The ski had enogh hold on ice/hard snow but it was so light and that big showel was deflected sooo easily by the rough snow, i just couldn't wait to get rid of them! I felt i could not trust the ski to let it arc! I tried my friend's RX8 and they were fantastic! I also liked the Volkl Supersport and to a lesser extent (being more hard work) the Head iXRC1200 in simmilar conditions. Also, in the few spots that accumulated some deeper soft snow the AMC 76 felt too turny. I only liked them when i skied a run right after the grooming machine
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I have the AMC76 (170cm) - been meaning to post a review, instead I'll just jump in here. Disclosure: I am an area rep for Fischer. I'm 5'10", 165 lb.

The AMC76 compares very favorably with the RX9s that I was on last season. The AMC is easier to ski in powder, chopped up crud, and windblown junk without sacrificing much on the groomed. You do have to be a little more subtle in tipping the ski on edge in those conditions because of the side cut and the bigger surface area may make it turn more sharply than you would like. On the groomed I've found that they ski very well on some pretty hard surfaces (for Colorado). They handle speed very well, much better than I expected. They also handle that chunky, ball bearing surface that is sometimes left by grooming without any drama. I've found them to be surprisingly good in bumps, easier going than the RX9. I could probably have gone with a 165cm, although in 170cm I find them to have a short enough turn radius for most situations. All in all a very fun ski.
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Just back from a week in Utah, where my AMC 76's shone on 6-10" fresh pow over rough crusty moguls, through alleys in trees. Best tree ski I've ever been on, in fact. Minor problems with tip deflection in heavy chop/bumps earlier in the week, and that same liveliness that made tight turns in trees a breeze tends to wear out the legs on hard rutted groomed. Wish they had a touch more dampness...
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Fyi: F, 15 yrs, 5'8", 125 lbs, very aggressive skier on groomed blacks and easier (may cause me to have different results than others on same skis).
I skied a day on 168 cm Volkl Supersports, which were absolutely fantastic. A LOT of work, my legs were burning (and I have pretty strong legs, being a runner) but they could turn wide, short, etc. and always stay stable and smooth. However, I was skiing almost all black groomed runs, so I didn't get to test them out in different conditions (I thought I would have them for 10 days, not one).
At the end of the day my dad was checking out the supersports in a ski shop, but they only had 163 cm which is way too short, but they had the Fischer AMC 76's in 170 cm. The guy said they carved like the supersports, but were a tad softer. So we bought them. They are amazing. They don't turn as quick and sharp as the supersports, but they're stable in all conditions; ice, powder, moguls, etc. Trust me, my entire last day I did only in the tree skiing with 7 inches of powder on top of moguls. I'm not used to these conditions by any means, but my skis were wonderful. I could ski thru lots of crud and whatnot. They also keep a nice edge on the ice, which is probably also due to the fact that they are brand new and still have a sharp edge.
I love the groomed black runs, so the supersports were some of the most fun skies I've ever skied on. But my dad teaches me to ski, and I'm already as good/better than him in that area, so I have to move on to moguls, trees, powder. The AMC's let me still have fun on the groomers while also getting serious on the more difficult stuff.
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My wife purchased me a pair of AMC 76s for my birthday and I had a chance to try them out in about ten inches fairly heavy snow.

I am 6feet tall and weigh 170lbs. The ski length is 182cm. I have found that I enjoy the longer lengths in general, no matter what the ski.

Well, lots of fun. It gave me just enough float to make it much more enjoyable than my crossmax 10 pilots (190cm) that I ususally ski in these conditions. It has plenty of stiffness so it did not twist around when things got bunched and clumped up. It felt plenty turny, as others mentioned earlier, so it did not require much edging (even though edges really weren't required today) to get them around.

Probably one of the best all rounders I have tried. I demoed a bunch of them last year and found the fischers and Nordica skis the most fun. More updates once I put some more mileage on them.
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I have a new pair of 176 cm AMC 76s that I got for my all round ski to fill the gap between 165 RC4 WC SCs and my 192 Wateas.
I'm 5'10" 195 level 7+ and I really like these skis. I find them to have a light touch and they are easy to ski. They are great in the trees, bumps, light chop and groomers and good in foot deep powder and heavy crud.
They are the great all round ski that I was looking for and the internet prices on them make them a super bargin.
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I had a chance to ski the AMC 76 (182cm) again yesterday. This day gave some decent groomed and a lot of nasty frozen man made snow and rock hard groomed junk (WaWa... what's going on?)

The skis were actually fantastic on this stuff. The edge grip was great and I never felt as if the tip or tail ever let go on me. I don't understand how a ski that weighs nothing (compared to my Fischer WC) can be so strong on ice. I really enjoy this ski and love the slightly longer length.

The length allows me to make large turns if I gently pressured the feet, and made great small (relative term I guess) arcs when pressured hard, especially when there was a little snow under my foot. I had my father, who is 66 years old, use it and he had a ball on it as well. I followed behind him and just watched the ski bend into a nice smooth arc, never bouncing around. Love it!
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I'm thinking of getting a pair of these in 164cm. 5' 7" 135 LB. Beginner-Intermediate. Good choice?
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My wife weighs 120 lbs and has been using the Vision version of this ski in the 164 length. This ski lacks a layer of metal, otherwise it is the same ski. SHe loves it. I would call her an intermediate skier that enjoys skiing a bit faster than the average person. She is petrified of skiing in ungroomed snow (blew out a knee a couple years ago) but found that the Vision was very comfortable in ten inches of not so light white stuff.
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Originally Posted by b33g33 View Post
I'm thinking of getting a pair of these in 164cm. 5' 7" 135 LB. Beginner-Intermediate. Good choice?
It may be to stiff for you at your ability level and size. I'd look at the AMC 73 if I were you, it's a less demanding ski than the 76.
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b33g33, it'd also help to know where you ski and what kind of terrain. You might even think about the AMC70/Vision70 if you don't get off groomers much.
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