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flex index importance?

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I just got a pair of Fischer RX-8 skis with the FX 12 bindings.

I am 5'9" 175 lbs. Level 7/8--- The RX8's are much more agile....and fast, (very fast) compared to the RX5's I had.
I've got a couple of seasons of skiing ahead of me to grow into them...

A question about boots... I've got the Salomon Xwave 8.0 Flex index 80. I like them ---fit great no problems. Should I be worried about this low-ish flex index?

From general reading I can see 80 index is probably low...however I've read on one of these strings that Salomon boots tend to be stiffer and really don't compare to Flex index of other brands.


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That flex index is only for each brand of boots. It does not compare to the flex index used by another brand. If those boots give you the control you want, the flex is OK for you.

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If you enjoy using them, then why care about the number?

Boot flex depends on the type of skiing that you are doing. If your skiing is aggressive short radius SL turns or GS turns, then go stiffer, as the ankle support of the boot will help you manage the force.

The penalty for stiff is that terrain imperfections will be transmitted through the boot to you (not good at warp speed).

The other penalty is that you'll need to be skiing in such a way that you CAN flex the boot, and that may be faster and more forcefully than you would normally choose to ski.

Another penalty is that balancing in the boot can be more difficult, especially if the forward lean is not right for you, and puts your lower leg into an over flexed position.

Since it fits, I'd stay with your current boot.

IMO, a boot is too soft only when you usually pressure the shovels and you need to get so far forwards that you're out of balance. A stiffer boot means that you won't have to move as far, but it can restrict the range of motion of your ankle -- which again is worse for balance.

So, match the boot stiffness to your everyday skiing needs. It sounds to me like you already have......
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Thanks to both for the above replies... very useful.

Sounds like best plan is to stay with what I have.
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