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Breeze Rental in Silverthorne.

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Anybody ever rented from there. What did you think, how was the gear. Any other reccomendations would be appreciated.
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Rented some powder boards from Virgin Islands rentals in Silverthorn.

Was good service and good equipment. Also rented some from Antlers in Frisco. Ok also.

Never rented any regular boards as I've always had my own. Got my own powder boards also. Haven't rented in a few years, but both those places are good and I'd recommend them.
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I'll second the Virgin Islands Ski Rental recommendation. Eli and the crew in there are good at getting you set up. I used them recently when a good friend visited from the flatlands a couple of months ago, and again when my daughter was up from school last month. They've got a broad selection of current skis, and multiple lines of rental boots so that if somebody doesn't have a good fit in one brand, they have a couple of others to try.

Another good place: A&B Ski Rental on Summit Blvd in Frisco, about 1/4 mile after you get off I-70 onto Hwy 9 heading towards Breck. Smaller selection but good service. Also in that same strip mall is Precision Ski, which does excellent tunes and now also has a good demo fleet.

All three of these places are independent local businesses. Breeze is owned by Intrawest (not that there's anything wrong with that!) But my preference is for the more personalized touch the local shops give.
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Originally Posted by protocal81
Anybody ever rented from there. What did you think, how was the gear. Any other reccomendations would be appreciated.
didnt know there was one in silverthorne
i guess i should know that as Ive had a condo there this whole season
Ive rented from the Littleton, Copper Mountain, WinterPark\JaneShop, and Dumont breeze's (Ive got a season pass of demo rentals)
Anyway, I rank them in the order I listed them as far as amount of gear and variety. The techs everywhere seemed good except the Littleton one except the one guy with the streched out earslobes, Chris? maybe. If you goto the Copper Mtn one, Taylor seems to run the show and is way cool and helpful. Is there a specific ski you want to rent? I can tell you which breeze has what youre looking for.
Theres also a breeze in Idaho springs behind the McD's I think.
Might be a good alternative if Dumont or Silverthorne is busy.
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