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Should I or shouldn't I

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Well, I sold off all my old skis and have retained one pair: Xscream series, 179, and I love 'em. I had been thinking that I would get a some 1080s in 171, but, then I had to gear up the 13-year-old who declared he wanted skis, now, and then went and joined the school ski team. Previous 4 years he has been a boarder. Cool. But I had to lay out for skis, bindings, boots, poles, so I sort of shelved the idea of a 2nd pair of skis for me, thinking I could xscream my way through the season. I was fondling the 1080s in the shop while heating up the credit card with the kid's gear and the shop dude came over. I had been there before, he knew my story: weekend patroller, 50's, mid-life crisis, gear weakling. He said I should go with the Salomon Pocket Rocket in 175. Whoa. I weigh 175 (alright, 180+), 5'9". Now, unless I win the Whistler contest for the free week, I will not make it out west, so I am strictly northern Vermont, mostly Smuggs, some Jay, some 'Bush, a little MRG. I love the trees more and more each year. BIG skis, BIG $, althought I might be able to sleaze a pro price from the salomon rep at the area. Does it make sense, brothers and sisters, for an eastern, broken-down, over-the-hill, has-been skier to have, own, possess 175 Pocket Rockets as a 2nd ski? We had a murder 2 doors down, so my low level whine for a handgun has gained legitimacy in the household, so I;m thinking I can turn up the heat a little and lobby hard for a handgun and at the last minute, pull a switch and say: "Well, maybe I should get the skis instead of the handgun". The old lady, already in high anxiety over a handgun possibly entering the house, cops to the skis as a welcome relief maybe even declaring them a birthday present. But, are they a sensible model? Will I be able to use them in typical northern vermont conditions? Ah, Christ, I dunno. I've looked up the PocketRockets on the test sites, like Keelty, and they reviewed good in the Skiing gear issue which just arrived. Ah, I dunno. I need help. I'm begging, brothers and sisters, for a way out of this gear twilight zone.
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I'm both a gun slut and a gear whore! I feel your pain.

Buy a .22 handgun. They're great fun and cheap to shoot. Everybody's first handgun should be a .22 caliber.

Then you and the Mrs should take a lesson on it, shooting, storing, everything.

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You should get the skis.

Forget the gun. If your wife ever figures out you refer to her as "the old lady," a handgun is the last thing you want in your house. You may even want to replace any cast iron with some lightweight frying pans.
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Buy the gun. Use it to heist the skis. No...wait...

the PR is a powder ski. I have never skied east out east but would you get to use it as intended?

Rent a pair of powder/wider skis if you get out west.
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Gotta keep this thread going - what a riot! But what can I add? MXP and Daevious have perfectly underlined the slippery slope that opens before you. Forget the guns - I have a few around the house and I worry more about them falling into the wrong hands (kids) than about ever having to have one for self defense (probably wouldn't get to it in time if there ever were an occasion anyway). But skis on the other hand, now there's something worth investing in and storing under the bed! I ski 25-30+ days per winter, and am a gear junky. I considered the Pocket Rocket too, but got some good advice I thought you might like to hear:
"The Pocket Rocket is a great ski in the deep stuff, but not that great on the groomers because it is so wide. It is very much a specialty oriented ski, meant for powder exclusively, it is very similar to the Rossignol Bandit XXX. It is a great second, or third set of skis to own for very deep days. The Pocket Rocket and Bandit XXX are very specific in their application, they are for powder days, and powder days only. The 10.20, 11.20 and Axis' from K2 will work OK in the powder but are more all mountain types of skis, groomers, bumps, soft, etc. etc. All I am saying is that if you purchased a ski like the Pocket Rocket be prepared to only use it when it dumps snow."
And this from a guy who sells them, so take it as you like.

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Should I go back to feeling up the 1080s then? Would they be a good 2nd ski for Vermont, being somewhat wider than my xscreams? The reviews say OK for pow. How about the Beretta AlleyCat in .32?
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Ok Mr Potatoe Head this is the deal or else get pealed!

1. Do a seasonal rental for the 13 years old from a relaible ski shop that will let you trade in the boots if he should out grow them during the season [ at thirteen their feet can grow very quickly,] and the skis, if he doesn't like the length.

2.Buy a cheap or very relable in good condition "used" handgun but at the same time you also MUST buy a NEW handgun specific lock to protect against any misuse.


Also you MUST place a sign next to the lock and gun and in very big letters create the following LARGE sign:








You must do this even if you are only going to clean the gun, show it to someone, or for any other reason, no matter how mundane!!

3. Now you should be able to buy the skis you want!I would suggest the Pocket Rockets, they are suppose to also be very good on the groomed as well.

If you are going to have a gun in the house, every adult in your house MUST be trained to properly use it and maintain it. Not to do this would be irresponsible !! If it costs money to do this, the new skis may have to wait for another season, or until they go on sale in March.

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Mr. P:

The guy was probably done in by his wife because he spent the rent on skis.

If you have a chronic bunch of B&E's in the neighborhood the best solution may be that it's time to get outa Dodge ..... er Burlington.

After being held up twice and experiencing one attempted B&E I decided to move. One night a 17 year old broke into my car and I ended up pulling the ring out of his ear when he gave me some lip. At that point I knew that I was going to kill or hurt someone or, I was gonna be killed.

A 22 cal. or even a 32 isn't going to do a whole lot. The stopping power is minimal. In close quaters the idea is to have mass and velocity working to put the varmint back a few yards.

Then .......... skin em' and hang the pelt on the barn to ward off other pesky critters! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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and, fear not, Po-head, I am winning the free Whistler week, not you, so ski shop accordingly.
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But, are they a sensible model? Will I be able to use them in typical northern vermont conditions?
-Mr. P.

Let's face it, you're obsessed with these pocket rockets and almost anything we say won't make any difference. How many times in the last 24 hours have you: a)read the review b)looked at the picture c)mulled over the dimensions d)read another review e)thought about where you can go to buy another magazine (w/another review) f) searched the web for every available scrap of information on this ski

Maybe you'd want the G-4 for the northeast, or ask oboe and he'll tell you to get the BanditXX. The rockets make sense because you want them to make sense. heh-nothing wrong with that. You'd probably have more fun in the Northeast on something like the supersport t-50 or a longish slalom ski.
If you do get 'em, just don't spend every run on frozen granular thinking do these make sense? -just deal and forget it or you'll drive yourself crazy. We don't want you to have a reason to use the piece. Watch out for Massachusetts too, and stay out of NYC with that thing or you'll have to sell the rockets for bail money.
Let's see- "space frame" technology, the pretty blue color with that 3-d black line drawing...hmmmmm....pawhkett rawhketts....

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Without a doubt, you should buy skis. You will get a lot more use out of them and they will bring you much more happiness.

If you are thinking of buying a gun for home protection, I suggest that you do a little research on your own about their efficacy for that purpose. You will find that you are much safer with a good burglar alarm.
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To protect against B&E's, get one or even two of the following: German Shephard Dog, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler.

Some years ago when I lived in Burlington, I had a German Shepard Dog named Rommel [like, of course]. We had a pen in the back yard for him which he really enjoyed, though he usually was inside. When anyone strange was in a neighboring yard, he'd let loose with really fierce barking. There were NO B&E's.

We moved to the country. Our former neighbors told us there had been B&E's, and they mourned the absence of our dog.

Dogs can be great deterents to crime. They attract attention, and they have the potential to harm an intruder. Forget the piece. Buy skis and dogs. Or install a security system and buy skis. Whatever you do, BUY SKIS!
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yuki, you pulled the earring right out?! GOOD ON YA! . . . uh . . . how did it turn out?
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go with a Heckler & Koch MP5k. not the greatest deal in the world but you can leave your mark on whoever you point it at.
YUKI-- mass and velocity do count but so does QUANTITY!!!

here is one for you, http://www.gunbroker.com/auction/Vie...p?Item=5907880

Its even got a silencer so you don't wake the neighbors up!!

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If you have to ask, you know that you better not get the skiis. Don't do it. Your wife and kids won't thank you, but it's the right thing to do.
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I've heard that a shotgun is the thing for home security. Easier to aim is the heat of the moment evidently. I'm stickin' with my grenade launcher

Boy the PR is calling my name too. spent quite a few days fondling the SpaceFrame, and since that's about all I've been fondling recently , i can actually afford them [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] . but i suspect they r 2 wide even for CO. anybody know how much pow u need to get them going?. So far my SL-9's (AWESOME skis BTW)r blasting thru everything up to 5 inches or so and I know the Bandit II's would pick up nicely form there but they aren't calling my name like the PR's. I think the 1080 might be a good compromise but am not sure. What i like about the PR is it's turny nature and don't think the 1080 is the same.

anybody know how much pow is necessary for the PR to shine?
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potatoe head-- trey has a point--

if you can't see it shoot till it stops making noise.

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For Home protection,go to your local pound and find a good dog. Spend the money you save on getting a pound puppy on skis. Heres my take on the PR for skiing the east. If you must have them then wait till oh say mid season. I think you will find a few people who bought them for New England skiing will let them go at a good price so they can get a pair of skis they can actually use back east. Even here in Utah I don't think I would use a ski that wide for more then 10 or 12 days a season.
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HMMMMM, Vermont skier from the Northeast kingdom with the similar physical afflictions and gear addictions as myself! Forget the gun, wouldn't make you feel safer. Life's to short, get whatever skis rock your boat!

From my experience, the sales staff at our local ski shops don't have a clue when it comes to appropriate skies for upper level skiers. They just want to sell and will spit out whatever garbage makes the sale. Unless you really know that this "shop dude" can rip and have skied with him, take his recommendation for what it's worth, not much. When you ski with ski racers and coaches you'll find that it's not unusual to have some of them also working in the local ski shops. These are the people you want to ask for advice!

So have you considered other FUN skis? What are your most common ski conditions up there in the wilds of Vermont? Narrow trails, machine made granular snow, white ice, blue ice, early morning HARD groomed corduroy, congested ski trails filled with marginal skiers? My FUN ski of choice for these conditions would be the Atomic SL 912. Now these are true "rockets" for us New England skiers! Take a look at www.atomicsnow.com than cruise to alpine race.
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The "kid" was 6'2", I am 5'9" so I wasn't picking on some poor little thing ....... before I get branded as a bully myself! He had broken into my car a few weeks earlier and I gave him a good chase but he lost me. A week or so later, he broke into my neighbors car, stole his tool box ($1000) and set the car ablaze. The car was parked next to my garage and thanks to a rapid response, the garage suffered only minor damage but the car was a total loss.

We were more vigilant after that and the neighbor saw his feet sticking out of my car (again) so he gave me a call and we nailed him in the act. The kid was actually laughing at me ....... "I'm a Juvie, what can they do to me? Ha Ha!" He was fingering this big gold earring and I must have lost it for a minute. OK, the cops can't but I can!

This little SOB had been breaking into the homes of the elderly in the neighborhood too. He NEVER bothered another person on our block again. A local cop told me that he is currently doing "hard time" as an adult ...... ten years later. Sad!

It's easier to move than endure that kind of life. After two gun point stick up's I'm damned lucky to be alive.
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dude(yuki), where did you come from??
(you have to understand that I'm from the second lowest crime city in the USA)
doesn't seem like much of a place to be a skier(but then what do I know)

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Pocket Rockets are for powder. Shotguns are for home protection. Get a pump action. An intruder just has to hear you jack one into the chamber and he, she will want out real fast. Probably never have to use it.
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