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Copper Bowls

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Gonna be in Copper in March during the 13,14,15,16th. I have skied a few of the black bowl runs. I was hoping you guys could give me a list of the easiest runs in the bowls and the glades. Matchless is prolly the hardest I have skied, and the only reason it was ruff is b/c it was beat up pretty bad. I would just like to know what is out there. Lallarookyn didnt look to hard last time I was there, infact it looked easy except that it has never been groomed. If you guys could give me some insight that would be great.

Also if someone has taken the free tour that would be cool to hear about also.
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Start at by taking the poma and checking out Hallelujah. It's short and sweet. If you are okay with that, try Copper Bowl.
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I did spaulding ridge last year. What does poma mean? Or did you mean Storm King or Excelerator. I think Poma is at breckwind or the the stone.

Thanks for the help so far.
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The Poma is the surface/platter lift, as opposed to the chairlifts. . .

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My backside warm up is usually off the blackjack lift in this order;
Alicante, Rattler, and LillieG if those rocks arent too exposed.
if you dont feel comfortable back there
there is a blue trail that traverses damn near to the bottom of Mtn Cheif
then just ski down the frontside toward the Sierra and go home on Timberline (Blue)
have fun!

Oh the glades, crap!
17 Glade is pretty steep and bumpy. I usually dont go there unless its snowed recently.
Sail Away glade is tons of fun through the narrow parts at the bottom. I was there last weekend and someone or something had blown the "Danger Rocks" sign over. Although I replanted the sign, becareful if its down. Oh yea, theres also a couple sections in the bottom more narrow parts with a lot of exposed roots and rocks. Just stay low in the trail and youll be fine.
When it opens up behind some maint shed, keep going straight through the trees, lots of fun!
The trees off the right side of the American Flyer are tons of fun too.
Also I think the trees between Highpoint and Timberline are fun...they kinda meet up with the Flyer trees somewhere.
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Here's your tour - this will take you from the big side to the little side.
  1. I'd recommend starting the day in East Village and going up Superbee. Up the poma (Storm King) into Spaulding Bowl and take the traverse around to ski Marvin Gardens. Keep up some speed because the traverse out can be a hike if you go too slow.
  2. All the way down to Reso lift and back up the poma. Ski Upper Enchanted Forest by going through the access gate and staying to skier's left. If you want to skip a lift ride but have a worse run, ski Lillie G further down the Upper Enchanted traverse.
  3. Ride up Rendezvous lift and drop off the backside. If you want to add a short, easy run then ski Alicante under Blackjack lift.
  4. Take Blackjack back up, or if you skipped it then ski over to Mtn Chief lift. Take that up and contemplate your future. The easiest stuff is right under the lift. If you really feel like a hike, then go out to Lallarookin.
  5. You coul also bypass getting on Mtn Chief and go straight to the cat. If it goes to the West Ridge, ski Lallarookin. If it goes up Tucker, hike to the top and then ski down from the saddle - that's the easiest terrain on the backside of Copper.
  6. To finish things off, ride up Mtn Chief. Get off the lift and pretend you're skiing to the ski patrol shack up there. You'll see a goat path traversing around the backside of Union Peak. Take that and it'll drop you off on the frontside near the easiest runs in Union Bowl. Stay to skier's right near the fenceline.
  7. Ride up Sierra. Stay high above the little corniced edge and go into Union Meadows. Ski way out - further than you think. Look for a little orange triangle and ski straight down from there.

It's possible to do most of that in 2 hours. If you try to do it backwards it'll take over 3.
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Vinn; You have replied with extremely helpful advice on bars and ski runs around the "Summit" area. What is your take on the best of the Black Diamond runs at Copper and A-Basin. eg; Steep terrain, chutes, tree skiing.
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Black trails are just odd everywhere. There's a huge variation in what you'll find. Rosi's Run would be the classic black groomer at Copper. Bumped out black runs are another matter. At Copper that would be something like Triple Treat. At A Basin it would be Pali. Then you get into stuff that's off-piste and could be double black.

Or are you asking for good double black runs? At Copper that would be something like So Fine and Patrol Chutes in Spaulding Bowl. At A Basin that'd be the Alley chutes or the East Wall.

I guess at Copper I'd try Formidable, Overlode, Golddigger, Far West and Union Meadows for a random sampling. At A Basin, ski whatever you see that looks good. Everything there is in plain view and you'll know what you like. You'll find harder stuff the further you stray from the lifts.
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