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Free 1/2 of skiing

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I will be flying in to SLC on the morning of March 11. I think I remember there is an area resort that will let you ski for free for the afternoon of the day you arrive by air. I think I saw that information in a magazine add.

Can anyone fill me in on this? (Or am I just dreaming?)

Regardless, I will be spending the next week hitting the various areas (hopefully with some deep powder) near SLC.
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Argh, just booked my tickets, and unfortunatly I arrive at around 1:00pm - assume 1 hr to get gear, 45 min drive, 15 min get ready that's 3pm - I guess it would be worth going to PCMR though.
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I think PCMR is open until 7:30 at night, so you could still get in a bunch of laps. The runs open after ~ 5:00 are only blue runs, but skiing is skiing.
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Thanks for the help and web site link
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