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I am very disappointed that Kneissl/Raichle is leaving the U.S. market. I recently was in Tokyo and Flexons and other Raichle/Kneissl boots continue to be very popular. There are literally dozens of ski shops concentrated in two areas in Tokyo. The majority of them sell Flexons(I’m not kidding).

I bought a pair of last season's (s)LIME green Flexon boots as a back up to my current pair of Flexons and a backup set of special order racing tongues. (The boots really are a nice lime green).

This upcoming season's Flexons appear as follows:
Flexon-T: Black w/solid silver tongue. It's the softest of the Flexons. Thermo flex liner.
Flexon Pro-T: Silver w/red tongue center and red lower buckle. Thermo flex liner. Stiffer tongue.
Flexon Pro: Black with silver tongue with orange middle section and orange lower buckle. The tongue is the same stiffness (I think) as the Pro-T but comes with a conventional liner.
(For the uninitiated, color is about the only thing that changes from year to year with Flexons other than a rare tweak).

The Flexon is remains a great boot and is especially suited for modern shaped skis and technique. It also readily lends itself to modification to fit a variety of different foot shapes though its basic last design is rather narrow in the forefoot area and rather low over the instep.

If Flexons can be so popular in Japan where ski gear brand competition is very tough, I don't understand why Raichle/Kneissl failed in the USA.

Dynamic, Lacroix and Volant have returned. Maybe Flexon will too.
One can hope. [img]smile.gif[/img]