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I have always depended on the kindness of strangers!

I was having an awesome day skiing with Kiersten and the Kiwis. In the morning, all three were kind enough to ski terrain way below their ability. We went over to East Village, and I skied down the first two blacks I've intentionally skied this season. (I've been avoiding challenging terrain until the one anniversary of my surgery. However, Rosi's and Treble Cliff are less challenging than Big Emma at Snowbird, which, BTW is rated Green. Go figure. I also remembered what my Academy coach said : "If you start a steep run on a traverse, every turn you make is your first turn.
Turning immediately into the Fall line, albeit scary at first, makes the entire run easier.

In the afternoon, Klaye et.al were skiing the bowls, which I was not ready for. I decided to ski some of the trails off of the Supper B, since I rarely get to them. After skiing a few runs down the two blacks I had skied that morning, I decided it was time to explore. If Rosi's and Treble Cliff were relatively easy, how bad can the other diamonds be, right? WRONG!!

Of all the black trails in that area, I had to choose Far East. Once I turned into it, there was no turning back. For those of you who have never skied it, Far East is made up of skyscraper sized bumps, set at a pitch that should probably be rated double black. Even worse, like a descent into hell, it goes on forever.

It's also a very mean trail. One side of it can seem a bit flatter, but if you traverse over to it, it starts to get hairy. Then the other side seems easier. Like Hell, there does not seem to be a way to bail out. Fear, as an instructor once told me, is an absence of options. I started doing a series of side slips, traverses, and occaional turns, but it seemed like I was never going to get down.

Finally, a guy who seemed to be leading a group of people skied up and asked me if I was okay. I told him that I really should not be skiing this until my knee was 100% healed. He said: "You are on a very bad trail"

Somehow, he managed to cue me through one turn. He showed me where there was an opening in the trees. I should ski through that opening, traverse across than ski through another set of trees. Trees or moguls? I was between Scyllas and Charybdis!:

I skied across, and saw a double chair. Where am I? Union Creek? No, I am under the Alpine chair, skiing a Black that once again felt like a Green!:

Anyway, I obviously lived to tell the tale.

If by any unlikely chance the guy who helped me is an Epicski person, you have my most sincere thanks!
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I went a few weeks ago and took Far East as the last run of the day. It was my first time ever. I prefer steeps to bumps, but can get through most mogul fields on a decent line - I just have to stop a lot and catch my breath. I had skied other bump runs all day. Far East kicked my butt. The bumps are irregularly shaped/cut because the fall line runs left to right in many places. If you try to go down the natural slope, you'll run off the trail. I didn't remember the pitch necessitating a double diamond level, but the awkwardness of it made it very difficult. And yes, it does go on FOREVER...
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Oh good heavens, I did not realize it was also one of those forkin' double fall lines that I despise! The only reason I thought it should be rated double black is because is because it was so much more challenging than the other black trails around it.

Thanks for the empathy! I'm feeling like a total gaper!
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so why don't resorts have downloadable GPS maps so that we can find our way around. Especially nice would be notes on them about how to wscape when it gets ugly!
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Come on now..don't exagerate too much..Big Emma is like a flat billiard table while Treble Cleff has a nice fairly steep pitch

Sorry about your Far East Hell experience..good thing the chair is long and slow to let you rest..that run is a butt kicker for sure
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Perhaps I did get better after the Academy, because Big Emma felt much harder! Go figure! Given that I did not ski the whole thing, I did not deserve much rest.
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Boy, I can sympathize. I have been caught on endless steep mogul trails with bad bumps, and they are killers. Even if I do get some turns and a rhythm going, it's usually not possible to keep it up because the bumps are odd shaped or icy, and I eventually blow a turn. Then it's like the dreaded first turn/traverse over and over. I'm one of those skiers who can do soft and not-too-steep moguls decently, but ice them up, shape them like sideways footballs, and make the trail steep and I may as well be an intermediate again. If I ever want to challenge an instructor, that would be my topic for a day!
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