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Volkl Unlimited AC2s

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Hi All,

I just discovered this board and think it's great! I'm a middle aged skier, male, 5'9" 155Lbs (probably rate myself a 6.5 these days) - not super aggressive but will ski anything other than extreme stuff, and if conditions permit will spend half the time off groomed runs. I will let 'em rip on groomed runs but keep it slow and controlled off-piste with lots of slalom turns, in powder, and in the trees. I just bought a helmet last weekend.

I started skiing at age 34 and have been skiing for 14 years (20-30 days/season). Several friends suggest I cave-in and give up my Volkl Zebra Supers (195cm) for a "modern" shape ski. I can't think of a single valid reason to do so (other than I'm starting to run out of base material on my Zebras - ) as these skis will ski anything within reason. But after much pressure (there was free beer involved), demoed a pair of 170cm Unlimited AC2s at Bretton Woods last weekend and must admit....really liked them. I have no idea if I'm skiing them "right" or not, as I was taught using "traditional" techniques and except for flats, generally ski with my boots locked together, centered, and 100% of my weight on the downhill board. All I can say about the AC2s is they turn on a dime, wouldn't "skid" unless I forced them to, and seemed to handle crud better than my Zebras, but really....not that much better. So they do seem to carve a bit better than the Zebras....so what?

I'm on a tight equipment budget and have found Ski Thoma in Lincoln, NH wants $450 for a pair (ouch), and I've seen these for sale on Ebay for $400 (for ex. http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Volkl-Unlimited-AC2-170-with-Motion-Binding-System_W0QQitemZ8763138564QQcategoryZ26350QQrdZ1QQ cmdZViewItem) I'm having a hard time justifying dropping this much for a pair of skis (though this does include bindings), but am willing to consider "upgrading" and realize that the Zebras have very few tunes left in them.

Has anyone put serious time on this particular ski and have an impression of how a skier such as myself might like them for several seasons? Also, any recommendations of comparable skis made by other mfg's is welcome! A friend is raving about his new Nordicas.

Thanks! (looking forward to spending some "board" time here as well)
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I just picked up a pair of these (170's) with bindings for $325.00. They are supposed to be a wonderful all-mountain ski. I'm 49, 6'2", 205lbs. I wanted a stiffer ski than I've been using (Salomon 1080). Something reasonably stable, that can carve.

There's an extensive review at newgear.net

All sorts of testers. I plan to use mine up in Canada next week!
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Welcome to a bright new world! The world of technology and shaped skis. The AC2 is great mid level all mountain ski. Before you buy try a couple of other shaped skis and maybe a few diffrent lenghts. Just because you have no baseline of comparson. You might find somthing better and cheeper, or you might not.

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