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tune tool..

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playin w/ my skis...

i've got this..thing..that's about 1" by 5" by 1/4", it's red plastic w/ a metal plate w/ holes in it on one side...

yeah, what is that? what am i supposed to do w/ it?
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That sounds like a DMT diamond "stone" Fine grit. The side with metal plate/holes is the "grinding" side and has fine diamond grit embedded in it. You can put it in your edger if it normally fits a file and use it to polish the edges some. You can also use it to knock off rock hardened burrs on the edges of your skis before you do your sharpening/beveling. It will not take much material off so it's not good for actually beveling or hard core sharpening.
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Yep, that is the one.
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Balance it on your nose.
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Times like these I really miss Pound Key's comments..... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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You talking about this?

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yeah yeah....gaperesque, i know..

dchan named it right off the bat... i didn't reply b/c i expected the thread to die. i assumed it was something along those lines...i'm just starting to get into tuning my own skis.

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My drill with the #3 Pozi-drive head witht the clutch system has a series of progressive numbers, 1-12 and so on. how do these relate to nM's or Newton/meters?
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