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best snow info sites

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hey there folks, just thought I'd post a few websites I like to frequent in the never ending quest for more knowledge.

www.bestsnow.net - great statisitical breakdown of snow at major resorts. Be sure to check out his links for weather and also his articles on evaluating a resort and it's conditions

www.snocountry.com -everything you need for up-to-date snow reports

feel free to make additions so I can go check them out

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The best i've come across is http://www.snow-forecast.com.

I'll be sure to check out the sites you have linked though.
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this site has current and recorded weather at all the Utah resorts via auotmated weather stations.
for the backcountry skier in Utah
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yeah he linked snow-forecast.com on the bestsnow website. navigation is kind of iffy, but a very informative website. Someone on here plugs skitown.com. I like it's setup, and the resort info/write ups are great. Onthesnow.com is okay, but they don't update their numbers enough. They'll leave the same dump up for three days, and not quantify when it happened. If you pay attention you'll notice that websites like skitown and others use snocountry.com as their snow reference. They update ALL of their hills everyday

that avalanche.org is full of sweet links

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