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Snowshoe, WV 12-14 March

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Hello Bears!

The wife and I will be going to Snowshoe on the above dates if anyone would like to meet up? We'll leave Va Beach early Sunday morning (12th) and arrive in time to ski a 1/2 day then ski Mon/Tue and return Wed morning.

I get an incredible deal on ski in/ski out lodging/lifts that I may be able to get for others as well, so PM me if interested.

Since we only go midweek, we can check conditions/weather the Wed/Thu prior and decide if it's worth it prior to booking/committing any funds.

The lodging is right in the heart of the "Village" and a car isn't necessarry after arrival. As has been stated in the past, Snowshoe is far from a bargain given what it offers (hence why I flew to Summit County in Dec), but it's not bad on this deal.

Hope to hear from a few folks and I'll see you Summit County folks in April
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We probably won't be able to do this trip this season, as this is right after we get back from Sugarloaf - hopefully next year!
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