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mt silverton conditions

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any insights into how this area of co is doing? I'm thinking about going there, but i hear the south of co isn't doing so well...
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I have not skied Silverton Mt. but my friends and I have been backcountry skiing right right across the valley and for some strange reason that area has been doing better than most of the rest of SW Colorado. Wolf Creek and Purgatory (Durango) have far below average snowpack this season, but Silverton and Telluride are not doing too badly. Silverton got hit with a couple of micro storms that dropped a foot or two there while leaving places a couple of miles away with only a few inches. They are not having a great year, but their claim of a 60" base is probably not too far off, although they have a reputation for severly overhyping their conditions.

We are in the midst of a warm dry spell and I've sure the skiing is not at its best right now, but if the only thing holding you back is the "bad snow in the SW" then you can be sure that Silverton Mt. is doing better than almost any other area around here. I've skied Telluride and Crested Butte and the skiing is good at both of those areas, but anything south of Silverton or in NM is in trouble. Hopefully you can get a first hand account from someone who has actually skied Silverton recently.
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My brother is guiding at Silverton this year, and has been frustrated with the lack of skiers (= lack of work = lack of pay). He says the snow is fine, but everyone hears the reports that snow in SW CO is bad, and stays away, especially since the snow in more easily accessible places is so good right now.
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