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Thanks for ESA '06!

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To everyone...
Behind-the-scenes, in-front-of-the-scenes, around, under, over or in-the-scenes, participants, resort people, fellow students...

(Oh, and a personal thanks to the ski-patrol and clinic staff : )

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Yes, I was very impressed with the response - at one point there were 6 patrollers clustered around you, battling to keep you alive!
Back here in the dry dusty desert of New Mexico, those days now seem like a vague, snow-filled dream...
all the best,
"The Tooth Fairy"
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6!! and they *still* couldn't find my teeth!!!
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Hard to find teeth when it's snowing that hard... Besides, you were supposed to keep them in your mouth! :
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Originally Posted by lbt
6!! and they *still* couldn't find my teeth!!!

return in summer with a sieve?
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