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Olympic DH results (spoiler)

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Antoine DENERIAZ takes the top honor with no USA medals. Bode was fifth. American Daron Rahlves , who had been the fastest man in training, was also left empty-handed after finishing a disappointing 10th."I was so sure I could do it that I had already ordered the champagne yesterday," Deneriaz told reporters. "I was really convinced I could do it today."
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Dude, you really should change your title ASAP and add the word "spoiler" to it. Otherwise, you're going to have some pissed off folks.
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I can't believe you just did that. What is wrong with you AT - did you have bad childhood?
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Hopefully this is a troll thread

and he is just looking to get a rise out of people that are looking forward to watching the race. I know I have been avoiding ALL sources that might give away results.

If it is not a troll, use the header on this thread for an example of the PROPER way to post results: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=37039


"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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Originally Posted by ATskier
Antoine DENERIAZ takes the top honor
You're an inconsiderate doof. :

Do you also stand outside movie theaters and tell people the ending as they're going in to see the show?
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that just wasn't cool at all unless you are just messing with us...
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That's just lame, man. LAME. Thanks for nothing.

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The ultimate Olympic moment that I waited for two years was ruined in two seconds by an over zealous, totally excited, completely senseless forum member.

Oh brother!
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Let's ban him.
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On the other hand ... (though I do object) ... you couldn't turn on the news this morning and avoid hearing the results.

Unlike WC racing ... here in the US.
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All the other networks are announcing the results as they happen no doubt because they take viewers from NBC who wont waste the time watching the programming. CNN and FOX post the results real time as well.

It is kind of bad to post it here though as many probably dont want to know until they watch it.

Honestly I enjoy seing an underdog win events. I like the suprise wins. Even though its nice to see your guys win I always approached the Olympics pretty unbiased and just looked at them as athletic events and I enjoy the heated competitions and awesome displays of atheliticism and talent.

Its like getting tired of seing the same team win the Superbowl again and again and its nice when someone unexpected gets the win.

I am a big Rahlves fan but think maybe he let his practice run get to his head and was a little overconfident. I wouldnt be surprised if we get shut out of Alpine Gold at the Olympics. From the interviews and all the talk Bodie seems like he doesnt have his head in this. He doesnt seem to have the same fire and desire as the newer guys.

Anyways congratulations to the Frenchman.
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Thanks a lot...NOT! First thing I see when I log in this am. Major bummer.
Moderators pls change headline..
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Thanx Jerk
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Well maybe if people are going to post results they should have a title that says:

Spoiler: DH Results
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Sorry ATSkier: you win the prize for today's biggest idiot.

Even if you're inconsiderate and ignorant of basic Internet etiquette, you might have at least read the several recent threads here that clearly discussed how one shold post race results.
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Kind of like one those drivers that pull out in front of you and goes a block and turns off. Any particular verb(s) come to mind.
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New Posts On This Thread Just Perpetuates The Problem

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Good to get up in the morning, sit down with a cup of coffee, and have the event I was waiting to watch today spoiled.
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and now for ....

Since he likes to be "up to date" ..

Anyone wanna' share his home phone number? We can give him hourly updates on the weather around the globe.

He'll be wondering "weather" he's gonna get any sleep?
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You SUCK. What a total lack of common sense.
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okie dokie ...

AT ... since you like race results so much, I'll do my best to keep you informed of all of the J-5, and J-3 results as they come in.

Stay tuned for "special updates" right in the middle of any of your posts!
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Here is the first unflawed poll.

Add ATskier to Your Buddy List Add ATskier to Your Ignore List

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Guess I shouldn't even open up the home page until the olympics are over... jerk

I'm with Yuki, I'll fill in the info on J4 and J5 results as they're availbale too.
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Is this so frkn hard to do?

Olympic Downhill (MAY BE SPOILERS)
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I would be prepared to give ATskier the benefit of the doubt.

Admittedly, I had seen the race - but seeing it live and not knowing the result is not that big a deal to me.

The Olympics (Summer and Winter) are not great spectator sports, in my opinion.

I was surprised people were even upset to know the women's mogul results in advance.

I regularly watch important sports highlights, like football, already knowing the results. It does not detract from my viewing. World Cup skiing in the UK is always shown on Sunday afternoon - as highlights. I make no attempt to avoid knowing the results. Sports results in this day and age are notoriously difficult to avoid. Unless,of course, it is something I want to know - like the results of the 5th round of the FA Cup, which Eurosport managed to gloss over, so that I did not know who all the giant killers were.

So, unless you know for a fact that ATskier is deliberately winding you up, I personally see no reaon to treat the poster like a c***.
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The race

It was quite an exciting event. I won't say anything about how it transpired, but I glad I woke up at 6:00 AM to watch it. It's nice to have CBC. CBC carries most of the events live despite the time. I'll watch it again tonight on NBC HD. Too bad, the skiing coverage is upconverted to HD. Hopefully, the HD signal tonight is better than last night. The video and audio had major problems.
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good post race quotes and notes by the top ski racing site:

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wrong thread
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Originally Posted by dave_SSS
good post race quotes and notes by the top ski racing site:

Second that thought. Skiracing.com has developed into a nice, up-to-date site, with a combination of basic info, analysis, background and some interesting reporting and writing.
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Originally Posted by lincoln
Guess I shouldn't even open up the home page until the olympics are over... jerk
Okay, so folks get excited. And here's my basic, common-sense approach to things:

1. If you want to avoid the results until NBC shows their doctored footage, avoid the internet.

2. If you want to post results as they happen, use "SPOILER" in the subject line.

3. Don't whack folks upside the head for what is becoming a double-standard: it's okay for folks to post results for the World Cup events as the happen, but not for the Olympic Winter Games? ATskier was probably assuming the same rules as apply for the rest of the season, so cut the guy some slack.

4. Ideally, oh intrepid keepers of the boards, create a categoy for the Olympics! That way there can be an immediate disclaimer (perhaps an interstitial page warning that spoilers may be ahead) for those who would rather wait.
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