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Wintergreen, VA on Monday 2/13

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I'm gonna head to Wintergreen on Monday. I am so tempted to go tomorrow since they should get a lot more snow tonight, but I hate to fight crowds and I'm not so sure I'd get up there in my rwd and summer tires. Will anyone else be up there on Monday? Conditions should be great after the snow tonight and grooming tomorrow night.
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Plus they've had almost nonstop snowmaking for the last week with that incredible system they have. Have fun. Won't be there 2/13, unfortunately hit WG about a week early: http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_a...mode=headlines
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We'll be up there tomorrow (Me daughter, sister-in-law and her daughter). I can't pass up that much snow. If you decide to come early, I wear a yellow Helly Henson jacket and ski Atomic M9s.
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