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Olympic Downhill (MAY BE SPOILERS)

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No spoilers yet, since it hasn't happened ... but I've put it in the thread heading, for the benefit of those (probably many, maybe including me) who will try to remain ignorant until US primetime Sunday.

I hope others will do the same, and particularly not announce results in thread headings.

This, of course, is the marquee ski racing event of the games. This year, it's also probably the single event with the greatest possibility of a US medal, or even two (okay, possibly even three, though that might inspire some observers to check for favorable skiing weather in hell).

The usual jockeying went on in the last training day, as top contenders tried to be just slow enough to start close to the front.

Some very big contenders were successful, so some major "times to beat" should be put up near the start of the order. In particular: Strobl (starts 4th) and Walchhofer (10th).* Bode Miller and Daron Rahlves will run 18th and 20th. There are some big names a little before them: the Italians' sentimental favorite Kristian Ghedina (12th), Bruno Kernan (14th), Maier (15th) and Aamodt (17th). Miller and Rahlves bracket the Italians other best hope, Peter Fill (19th).

We should have a pretty good idea how things are going to turn out after Rahlves' run, though there will still remain some significant threats (particularly Marco Buechel, who's back at 28th) and other US hopefuls (Scott Macartney 23rd and Steve Nyman 27th).

NBC's website has a story based on a slightly wrong start order: they did not take into account that there are a few who trained, but aren't racing. I looked at the FIS website.
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The official Torino 2006 has the start order which sjjohnston has correctly reported. I am so greatful being able to get the CBC broadcast. So I have set my alarm for 2:50am tomorrow to get up and watch it live. Bode was very fast today until her slowed down, he could win it tomorrow. But my hope is for Rahlves to win. Also pulling for Kjus and Aamodt. Really wish Eric Guay was racing maybe he will be back in shape for the SG. Can't imagine running at those speed being unable to tolearte pressure on my calves!
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You know, the great thing is, whoever wins shall be the person who skiied the fastest.
but we here in the US shan't see it unless it's Bode or Darren.
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It's playing on CBC at 6:00 AM EST... Damn I love the UP.
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Is there a website that would stream each of the runs?
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: WOW. what a surprize ending !
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