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When are skis worn out?

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I've been skiing the same skis for over 300 days. I ski pretty hard on them but they still seem OK. Either I'm not able to tell they are worn out or, they are still OK. Can anyone tell me how to test if they still have life,energy/flex etc. If it makes a difference, they are Atomic Betarace 9.18's -- 190cm. :
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A tuff question to answer, and one that everyone will have an opinion on you can bet. Depends on how deep your pockets are I guess. A lot of people, like myself who can get skis at cost, get at least a couple of pairs a year.Are they shot? No, but I like to get rid of them while they still have some retail value left.

I worked in a ski shop for quite q few years. We used to tear old skis and broken skis apart to see how the core materials held up.My acessment, depending on the abuse factor, was that 100 days on a pair of skis was plenty.(i'm not claiming to be an expert) just a shop junkies opinion. I think it also matters what the core material is made of also. How many times has the ski been tuned? Is there any base left? Is there any metal edge left? You can only base grind a ski so many times you know, before you get to the core. How much flex and rebound does the ski have left? Only you the skier who skies it can answer that question. Demo a new pair and compare.

I just sold my BanditX's after two years of use. Do to shortened ski seasons, they had about 100 days on them. Still good condition, lost some life, still got base. And I still got $250 for them.

So, as the debate begins, I say 100 days of hard skiing on a pair of skis is plenty.
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Other than no edge left, skis that are worn out tend to loose there stiffness and camber. This is most noticeable in the tails of the skies. You'll find that you can't hold an edge worth jacksh***. Also, your tails begin to wash out on anything challenging.

Unfortunately, the breakdown is very subtle and is usually only noticed after you've moved on to new fresher skies. Than when you go back to your old (relegated to rock skies) skies. Your first reaction is " whooooo, how the he** did I ski on these pieces of Sh**".
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Welcome to Epicski.
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If you ski hard and challenging terrian you should be able to tell when your ski's go flat. I good way to tell might be to ski your ski's a few runs then demo a similar ski and see what the difference is.
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Welcome Iski!!
Time to demo new skis-shorter, shapely, super slaloms, perhaps. Besides, I know those old Atomics of yours, they are history!
See you on the hill.
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I have yet to get to any indoor ski facility, so I have never worn my skis in. Therefore my skis are always worn out.
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