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Women's moguls (spoiler) - Page 2

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heil zipped through the bumps, and definitely won the comp.....nice to see miller finish fourth and out of the medals, if they combined the two runs down the halfpipe then white would have never won gold...and especially nice to see that short track skater apollo skid off the ice, especially after what he did in salt lake....
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Robbed? She won by 0.85 points! It wasn't even close -- that's way beyond a matter of opinion.

Comapre the French girls shoulder movements in the bumps to Heils.
Compare Traa's foot speed/form in the bumps to Heil's. Compare the speeds (timers don't lie).

Here is a summary of how the scores panned out : (From the CBC web site )

"Heil's jumps – a 360-degree spin and a backflip with her skis crossed – weren't as difficult as Traa's "D-Spin" on the top ramp, a double-twisting jump in which her body goes nearly parallel to the mountain. But the Canadian executed her tricks almost flawlessly and received a superior air score.

Heil also scored higher than Traa on speed and form on the moguls, which counts for 75 per cent of a skier's final tally. "

Gee, there must be some mistake; she was scored higher in ALL areas! :

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