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Kim Reichelm-type camps?

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Anyone on these boards have familiarity with Kim Reichelm's ski camps for women, specifically the guided skiing for advanced skiers? http://www.skiwithkim.com/pages/skiw...skiwithkim.htm

Friends and I have been talking about doing some sort of a camp for advanced/expert women skiers for some time now, hopefully something with a bit of focus on conquering slightly *scary* terrain and some big mountain technique. Anybody know if these are any good or if there is something else out there that's better?

I'd even be interested in something new coming in the future, as we'll probably be planning winter 2008, due to existing kids, kids still gestating, and planned kids.

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I have an extremely high regard for Kim and we at AspenSnowmass have heard lots of great things about her camp. I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.
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Kristen Ulmer runs a great ski camp (Ski to Live) also. If anyone can coax you into pushing your skiing it's Kristen. Most of Kristens camps are based at Snowbird (she runs one at Sugarbush, Vt) and they focus on the mind body connection. Lots of yoga and meditation designed to help you relax and perform at your best in stressful situations.

I have no doubt that Kim's camps are excellent, I'm just pointing out an alternative that I'm familiar with.
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A couple more, if anyone has any personal experience/knowledge:

Wendy Fisher?


Kirsty Exner?


I might be a little *old* for this last one. Don't know if a mom to two young kids can deal with some of the injuries they detail! ("THE DOWNSIDE:
Injuries over the last three years have included blown knees, broken backs, and busted thumbs. Don’t pad your résumé unless you really like plaster and crutches. ")

I gather Doug Coombs is also offering a women-only version of his steeps camps, but maybe La Grave/Valdez with Doug Coombs is a bit over the top? :

I mean, we don't want the *spa-and-fruity-drinks-with-some-groomers-skiing-thrown-in* kind of chick-ski camp. We want to push hard and push our limits. . . within reason and hopefully without disastrous injury. That said, a certain member of our group wasn't afraid of airing and then tumbling down some experts-only terrain at Crested Butte and getting a black eye in the process a few years ago. : We're definitely not girly-girls, but not pro-skiers either, and now that there are kids in the picture. . .

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When I was Heli/Cat Skiing at Chugach Powder Guides, Kim was there with a woman client. She's an incredible skier and a great person to hang with. She appeared to be having a positive impact on her client, but anyone can look good in those conditions. Here's a pic of Kim scoping out our next run.
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Originally Posted by mollmeister
A couple more, if anyone has any personal experience/knowledge:

Wendy Fisher?
Do a search. there is a trip report from a year or so back from someone who raved and raved about Wendy's telluride camp. She's just had a baby, though, so i don't know if she's doing the camp this year.

Also, JH Steep and Deep has a women's camp and a women's weekend clinic. Let us know what you decide and why and be sure to post the TR after!
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Mollie, Were you skiing with Jill Matlock in CB? When I worked there she was running high end women's camps there. Back then she was a multi-year world extreme champion. What a fine skier! However, what struck me most was her quiet confidence and her down to earth, friendly personality.
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I did Wendy Fisher's camp at Silverton a couple years ago. It was excellent. Well, and just skiing at Silverton is excellent by itself - and Wendy is a great coach - so it was a really good combo.
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