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New skis

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Ladies and gentlemen,

for numerous years (yes, I am a dinosaur) I've been on my beloved Fischer RC4 SL Vacuum 200 cm anno -88. Since they are now coming apart I've been looking for a new pair of skis. I'm considering the Mantras since they seem to be (at least from the reviews) just right for me. I'm looking for a really stable ski, which I can use both on/off piste (I have no problems skiing my Fischer(69 cm under the foot) off piste). I'm 170 lb, and I like to ski fast
My question is: What length should I go for? I know there has been other threads on this topic but since I've got no "carving" background I'd like some opinion on what length to choose. Should I go for the 184 or would the 191 be the choice?????? Impossible question mabye but considering my long ski history what would the best choice be??
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I think you might like to try the new RC4 WC RC and the Fischer RX9. I havent been on deep powder for years though, so I'm not sure how well these would work out west.
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