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Demo'd some stuff yesterday...

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Hey folks,

Got some great suggestions for what to demo from this board, and yesterday I got to follow through on them! Unfortunately they didn't have much that was on my list, but I demo'd four skis - the Allstar, 5 Star, K2 Apache X, and Metron M:9. I'm 29, male, 5'7"/147 lbs, 18 years on skis, somewhere around level 7 or 8. Ski mostly groomers in the Poconos, although I love a good mogul field whenever they pop up. As a side note, Camelback yesterday had the best bumps I've ever seen in the Poconos (I know, not saying much) - big, soft, pillowy bumps; no ice whatsoever. Mogul aficionados who head up Sunday after the snowfall will probably be rewarded. Without further ado:

Volkl Allstars, 168: Unfortunately, they didn't have any smaller sizes, and at 168, this was too much ski for me. Carved okay, but way too stiff in the moguls - I kept getting thrown back on my tails. Would like to try the 161 (or even 154).

Volkl 5 Star, 161: Awesome. Carved better than the Allstars (probably because these actually fit me). Quick and reasonably forgiving in the bumps. Squirrely when flat, but if you're on skis like this, you probably have your edge engaged 90% of the time anyway. Grip was a bit sketchier at high speed, but didn't fall apart. Very nice, might consider buying the 2007 model (the S5, right?). Anyone have a take on whether it'd be worth waiting for the S5?

K2 Apache X, 167: Despite being roughly the same size as the Allstars, the Apache was much more manageable and forgiving. Gripped even better than the 5 Stars. Decent in bumps but not as quick and snappy as the 5 Stars. Got tossed around quite a bit in crud. Wouldn't mind trying the Crossfire sometime (they didn't have them in a small enough size).

Atomic Metron M:9: Maybe it was the demo bindings, but these things were HEAVY. Edge hold was ok, although they started to slip at lower speeds than the 5* and Apache X. Decent in the bumps, but I could definitely feel the weight when trying to make quick turns. Still dying to try the B:5 and M:11.

Thanks again to those who made suggestions. I plan to demo more skis in the coming weeks, and while I admittedly suck at writing these reviews, I'll post what I can.

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mike your username kicks ass.
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Well done (and I agree with UC about the username!). What size did you try the M:9? Keep in mind that the demo Neox binding is 2+ lbs more than the standard Neox.

Definitely try the Crossfire. And the Allstar in a shorter length.
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Yeah, when I was trying to think up my username, nothing particularly clever came to mind, so my first thought was to just use some tired cliche like Skier321. My second thought was to simply have my username be what it would probably end up being anyway - a tired cliche username. =)

I tried the M:9 in a 164. I know the demo binding adds some weight (in fact, the guy at the shop said as much), but you could really feel it. Just not as quick in the bumps as the 5*, and I got the impression that they would fatigue you after a while. Pretty nice ski overall, but I just felt better on the 5* and the Apache X.

I definitely need to give the Allstars another go in a shorter length, but I think I would probably still prefer the 5*. I consider myself a pretty good bump skier, but I still find myself getting tossed back onto my tails every now and again, so I need something that won't completely kill me when that happens. On the one or two occasions that I sat back on the Allstars in the bumps, I paid for it. The 5* was noticeably more forgiving of my transgressions. Plus, I generally don't spend enough time at high speed to make the increased stiffness worthwhile.

I was pretty impressed by the Apache X, so I'm definitely looking to try to Crossfires ASAP.

So does anyone know what the design changes will be for the 5*'s replacement in 06-07, the S5?

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Love the user name .
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Haha wow, didn't realize the username would get such approbation!
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Originally Posted by tired cliche username
So does anyone know what the design changes will be for the 5*'s replacement in 06-07, the S5?
I demoed (http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=36237) several skis last month, including the Volkl 5 Star which was my favorite - like you, I absolutely loved the rebound energy and snap, what a fun ski!

I spoke with Volkl about the changes - the new S5 is 1mm wider throughout, has Extended Double Grip construction (vs. the previous Double Grip, so I guess it covers/extends over more of the edge), and now has the same IPT binding as the Allstar.

I don't know how much of a difference in ski feel all this will translate to, but I figure it certainly won't hurt - have had my order in for a couple of weeks, can't wait to get the S5!
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I recently purchased a pair of the 05/06 5*(168) with the LT bindings at a very reeasonable price. If the '07 5S are a dramatic improvement I'll unload the 5* and purchase me a pair.
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