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Gathering Day 4 report

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SCSA, my wife Gail & I went to Brighton. Paul asked Gail if she would let him show her some PMTS stuff. After a short discussion of mountain safety, we went to a nice flat area where we all worked on something called a phantom shuffle, which is basically 1000 steps without active rotary. However, we quickly ran out of terrain Gail felt comfortable doing this on, so I challenged Paul to find a different exercise that would accomplish the same thing he was trying to get her to do. So he decided that thumping the heel while going around the turn would do. And indeed it did. Then I asked Paul what her SMIM (single most important movement) was. Releasing, he said. So he had us work on phantom garlands. This involves traversing while alternately flattening the stance foot and tipping the free foot. The only modification he made was he had us do it on a trail that had a sidehill, so we could do it endlessly. When the sidehill changed, we did it in the other direction. We then stopped at the top of a steeper blue trail, and while Paul and I were doing some trash talking about this and that, Gail whizzes on by and made beautiful PMTS turns all the way down, leaving us agape. We leave her at the bottom to have a celebratory smoke, while we go check out some black diamond terrain that she was interested in skiing. It turned out to have some pretty chunky avalanche debris on it, so we gave her the thumbs down on it. But there was a groomed black trail that she could easily do, so we went there. But we didn't watch her, because we were seeing if we could see each others' bases from above. I'm happy to report that we both had decent Hi C upside-downage on a black run. On the way down, Paul & I managed to find some really nice bumps to ski, although I got to razz him about not airing into them like I did (PUSSY!!! ). After a couple more runs, we all went to the parking lot and had a nice apres ski beer. We agreed that it was a wonderful day to end a fun trip.
BTW, I had a great time every other day. The combination of low visbility, funky snow, shorty slaloms and most importantly lack of skills conspired to make Snowbasin quite a chore. But I did enjoy watching others ski it.
I skied bumps more than anything else at DV. Cornbread & I took a stab at the competition course, but it proved to be too icy and brutal for me. The rest of the bumps that day were lots'o fun.
SCSA, Ryan & I got lots of milk Sunday morning at the Canyons! We had a humorous moment whe I flew by some Bears on a cat track, and dove into some inviting looking aspens (yes, showing off). My 2 partners in crime followed me, and after about 3 turns the trees closed up TIGHT and didn't open back up. Leaving us literally ducking and wedging through any tiny spaces we could find with our PMTS tails between our legs.
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I use shuffling and thumpers on pretty-much a daily basis (probably too much). Not to teach turns though, more to refine and improve them.
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