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Q for the Twin Experts

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OK, it's next to impossible to find any twins to demo around here. I know I want some twins for next season for teaching and general riding on my mountain. The question is, which ones should I be looking at?

I love my Crossmax 10's and I love my Rossi Cobra Twin Decks, so you know I like a softer ski for all mountain, all condition skiing around here.

I took out a pair of Volkl Legends 168 cm from last year from our local rep. I rode them on a decent pow day of about 6-8" and absolutely hated them. They were so stiff and dead feeling to me that I couldn't wait to return them.

I've heard PR's are soft, so what else is out there that I may like? I'm not really looking for a fat twin also, something more of a softer midfat. Any suggestions since I can't demo?
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I'm no expert, but I went through this drill with my son so I have some info on twin tips. My two favorites are the K2 Public Enemy and the Dynastar TroubleMaker. The PE's are pretty stiff, however, so you may not like them. My son skis these in about a 160cm and loves them. I demoed these in a 170 something length and like them as well. But...I like a stiffer ski so that's what I'd buy if I was getting a pair. They are also very damp, like most K2's tend to be.

If you could demo the TroubleMaker my guess is you would like this ski. It's not as stiff as the PE, but is a great ski and provides the trademark Dynastar "pop" coming out of turns. Also has great edgehold. I have a friend, about your size and he skis this as his everyday ski. He works at a shop and demoed the PE, the TroubleMaker, and the Rossignol Scratch before choosing.

You may also want to try the Scratch series as well. I didn't like these at all and neither did my friend. They are way soft.

Hope this helps.
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I've thought I might like the Troublemaker and Scratch FS, but just not sure.

Nobody demo's twins around here because and I quote "If we demo twins, the kids grind rails with them". Uhm, hello, isn't that what they are designed for?

I was hoping some reps could chime in with reccomendations based on the fact that I really like my 02/03 Crossies and 02/03 Cobras. Looking for something similar in a twin, if it exists.
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There are three twins I consider the best all-mountain skis. They are the K2 Public Enemy, the Salomon 1080 and the Volkl V-Pro. All three are an ideal choice for anyone living out west but since none excel on ice I would hesitate recommending them to someone living in the east.

Of the three I think the V-Pro is the best ski but you might not like if if you didn't like the V-Legend (called the V-Expession this year). I have the V-Pro and it is a damp ski....it took me a while to get used to them and appreciate what the ski could do.

The 1080 is a narrower version of the PRs and a fun ski to carve on. It is much more lively than the Volkl twin-tips. It would be a better choice than the PR for an all-mountain ski. I haven't tried the Public Enemy but all the people I've talked to that have them are really impressed with them.

Peter Keelty gave the V-Pros the highest marks followed by the 1080s then the Public Enemies.
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I like very much K2 Enemy and PE.
PE is just awesome skis for not only the park.
That is mostly because they are relatively stiff.
They are also not bad on groomed/like ice conditions and bumps.
But if you like soft ones you may find
1080/PR the best choice though they are not so versatile as PE. Can not say anything about Volkl.
BTW, here in NW, Salomon 1080, Atomic twins(AFT?) always included in demos.
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I own the V-Pro, and have skiied the Pocket Rocket, 1080, and the Scratch FS, I absolutely hated the Scratch FS and didn't like the 1080 much either. Despite the extra width, I actually like the PR better on ice than the 1080. The 1080 was better in the pipe, but nowhere else. For an all-around everyday ski though, the V-Pro is hard to beat. That's probably why they are doing away with it.
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I've been surprisingly happy with my scratch bc's. I was looking for a mid-fat twin (V-pro, 1080), but got such a great price on the Rossi's that I bought them. I'd go with the scratch bc over the PR for anything other than deep powder days if you drift up to the 90mm waist.
They are softer than the v-pro, but stiffer than the PR's, obviously prefer powder but do a pretty decent job in chopped up crud, are decent on groomed. Tested them on ice at Fernie following a rain/freeze and had no problems holding an edge.Bumps are do-able, but take a little work (I'm on the 188's which could have an effect on this, though).
Line Mothership or Pollard Pro model might be worth a look as well.
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Defintly check out the Troublemaker. Awesome ski. I ride it all over the mountain and even at 80 mm in the waist, it is increadibly agle. Defintly put it on your demo list. (Plus it's far and away the coolest looking twin in the biz )
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