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where to stay in Park City

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The wife and I are heading to PC for a weekend of skiing without the kids the last weekend in FEB. Where should we stay for a nice weekend away, but not over ther top expensive? $200-300 per night OK.

Also, she has business on Fri , but I will be heading out to ski as soon as I land Fri am. Two questions; 1) having never skied UT and being a solid 8-9 level skier, where should I hit first? 2) What places will let me use my boarding pass for steep discount on Friday?
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The Quick Start program allows you to ski free on the day of arrival at any of the PC resorts (Deer Valley, Park City, or The Canyons). You have to sign up first and there are restrictions on dates. Do a search for Quick Start to get the link and sign up.
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Originally Posted by tictoc
$200-300 per night OK.

Check the Gathering threads there might be some info there. We just got done having the Epicski annual get together and people were staying all over the valley. As I recall many people were staying in town for between 100 and 200, closer to 100 per/night. Folks were pretty happy with their rooms. For 200-300 you should get some pretty posh accomodations and on slope too.

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I sent you a PM with the links. flaskier
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