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"Don't go!"

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My dog really didn't want me to tune that 2nd ski....
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My chihuahua hates luggage. Last year she camped out in my stuff as I packed for the US, there were still dusty little pawprints on my bags when I got to LAX.
This time I packed in a back room, up some narrow stairs. She lost one of her legs this last year, and I thought she couldn't manage those stairs any more. Well, she appeared, saw the luggage and got the horrors. Wouldn't let me out of her sight. Tried to climb onto my laptop while I was using it.... very anti the whole idea.

They always know when you're going somewhere and ski stuff often means they can't come.
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I think the dog just knows good skis.
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Our dog stays at a very nice kennel and she actually gains weight there. She likes going - or at least appears to...
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Awwwww!!! Nice pic...
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Ant - who minds your girl while you're away?
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German Shorthair?

My dad had a few when I was a kid - great birddogs - good nose - not so bright

My cat pees on my ski stuff - leaves hair all over my dark underlayers and shows his contempt when I get back.
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Great picture Marta, thanks for sharing. Cute pup.

Looks like we're gonna get us some real snow!!!!! Yeeeeeeesssssssssss!
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If I had a cat that peed all over stuff, I'd have a new fur toilet lid cover.
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We have a GSP too! Stayed at the dog hotel last week for our ski trip to Lake Placid. Does not seem to mind. She has moments of intelligence. She has been a very good pet.
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Good question Marta...
The family is a virtual chihuahua farm! My father calls it the dog lending library.... if I'm living at home but working a normal week, I come and load up on dogs on friday evening for the weekend.
It's ideal, as a single person I could not have a dog normally.
Although I wonder if maybe I had a dog door I could have at last 2 chihuahuas. but it'd be a worry, they are so warlike and there are snakes.

Miss Bat is at this moment probably ensconced in my mother's waterbed. My father made her a stepped ramp after she lost her leg, so she can get up and down it. We are rather pathetic and soppy about our dogs.
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Ah, GSP pangs! My ex and I bought one for our daughter's 8th birthday. Coco will be 13 in 3 weeks, and darling daughter turns 21! :

She's not the sharpest tool in the shed (Coco, that is!), but she's a good dog and a great friend. Give yours a hug for me, marta!
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Silas is 11. He's a skinny old man and needs a sweater to go out. He bums when it snows now. Don't worry, we bought him a very "manly" navy blue knit turtleneck. Common nickname> "walnut brain"

"Miss Bat is at this moment probably ensconced in my mother's waterbed."
my parents spoiled my old dog rotten when I went away too :
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