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p-tex scars?

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I just got my skis back from being mounted at Chicks Sporting Goods, and last night when visually inspecting them, I noticed some damage to the ptex underside one of the skis' tail right at the start curve. it doesn't look too bad, but I was wondering... Maybe I just didn't see it when I bought the skis? Anyways, it's easily repairable, but I don't want to hassle with going back there if it's going to be a hassle.

Should I make a fuss or jsut leave it as is and fix it myself?

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There's a pic of it at

under the link "Atomic Ski"

BTW, that was a website for when I was teaching web design to junior higgh kids, so don't laugh at the primitive layout of it =)
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That doesn't look like a big deal at all but if I was pretty sure it happened at the shop I'd take em back and let them know.
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I wouldn't worry about it too much. That size scratch, especially in it's location will have no effect on the gliding performance of the ski. I personally wouldn't even bother fixing it. By trying to fix it, you'll more than likely disturb the base structure more than if you just left it.
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The scratches look pretty minor but they shouldn't be there on brand new skis. Let the shop know if they wern't there before. As far as fixing them, I might also just let it go. They appear quite shallow. However, if the skis came out of the wrapper like that I would have them either replaced or discounted since you didn't intend to pay for dinged up bases. My 2 cents.
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Thanks for the input. the Skis, although new, were not wrapped in plastic, and it may have been that I just didn't look them over too carefully when purchasing them.

I've never owned my own skis before, so I never really cared about the condition of the ptex. But things are differrent when it's yours. =)

BTW, I got them at the pre-season sale last weekend... and they were already pretty cheap.

Anyways, thanks for all the input. I think I'll jsut let it be, and let the store know next time.
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