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Volkl AC4 with Marker PCOS

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I have a pair of Vokls AC4's with Marker AT (PCOS) bindings that I may be selling and shipping. Can someone give me info. on how to remove the bindings for easier shipping? By the way, wonderful ski...just looking to downsize a bit.

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I'm not a binding techie, but... the skis alone will probably be UPS "Oversize," i.e. minimum 30 pound charge (and they'll definately be oversize if adequately cushioned). So I'd suggest just leaving the bindings on - it won't cost any more to ship that way if you go ground not air.
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Thanks for the reply. I'd be shipping from Canada. Every bit counts as the costs from here are stupid high. They use "dimensional weight" which is a multiple of height X max width. The system seems simple enough. It's a one pin type of arrangement but I need a bit of direction on what to do once it's in "unlocked" position.
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It shoudl be very easy to remove.
Unscrew the front screw on the piston arm. On the side of the binding track mounted on the ski there is a single screw located below the heel piece. Unlock this screw by turning to the left, and then pull the screw out. It is a couple of inches long and is just locked in by turnign it a quarter turn after insertion. Pull it all the way out. Now while gently lifting the top of the piston arm slide the enitre bindign asembly it back towards the tail about half inch. The second screw at the piston arm is hidden under the arm and should now have slipped out of a slot in bottom of the arm. Once this screw is clear, you can slide the entire binding assembly off the track by sliding towards the tail of the ski.
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AC4 with PCOS

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll give it a try.
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