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Switching Motion Bindings Between Different Skis

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I've got a set of mixed Vertigo Motion skis, one's an 01/02 and one's an 02/03 which I'll be using as rock skis and for days I want to crank a ton of short radius turns on groomed. This year I purchased a pair of 724 (Motion) Pro's for my primary skis... just the skis, wasn't forced to buy bindings.

Just wondering if it's going to be a problem with me switching the bindings back and forth from one pair to another, multiple times as the season progresses. In other words, are there any inherent weaknesses with the Marker Motion bindings I should watch out for when moving them from ski to ski?

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I guess this answers the long standing question, " can you buy a motion ski without the binding? " I guess you can.

As long as the binding fit's I don't see any problem. I'm not a shop tech, but I'm still using my Marker 8.1 SC's that came off my son's race skis back in 1999 this binding has been on four pairs of skis. I ski over 60 days a season.
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It should be fine to switch the bindings from ski to ski. When my Supersport 5 Stars arrived last year I installed the bindings in my office in less than 10 minutes. I think you just need to be careful not to bend or twist the middle section betweent the toe and heel when you are switching the bindings. It would probably be a good idea to crank the sole length down to the smallest setting to minimize the chance of bending anything.

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Hey, that's a great suggestion NEracerex, thanks for that!

And in terms of buying the Motions skis without bindings, it took a lot of talking and a personal relationship with the ski shop to sell them this way. From what I was told, Marker Canada does not wholesale their Motion skis without bindings so most dealers won't let them go as such. Aside from inventory control, there's absolutely no reason I can think of why consumers should be forced to buy the bindings with every pair of Motion ski. Have a friend who also has a pair of Vertigo Motions and he had to buy a new set of bindings when he went to get his new 724 Pro's. Aside from colour, as far as I can tell they're identical in every way.

I'm sure this policy will strain many customer's loyalty to the brand if they're forced to buy a brand new pair of bindings identical to a pair they already have every time they want to get a new pair of Volkl Motion skis.

That said though, I wouldn't be surprised if they changed this policy as more and more skiers look to replace and even supplement their existing Motions. Makes a lot of sense... instead of frustrating us by not allowing us to buy the skis alone, why not sell us on the benefits of interchangeable bindings and give us an even better reason to stick with the brand? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I agree with the idea that they should sell the Motion skis without bindings as an option. I think I'd be more likely to buy a second pair of Volkl's if I didn't need to buy another set of bindings too. I don't think it was Marker's intention to create an interchangeable binding system though (I think the were just trying to improve the skis flex pattern and simplify mounting).
For me the best feature is the knowledge that even if I buy new boots I will be able to adjust the bindings to fit without remounting. It's also nice to be free from paying some shop guy to mount the bindings in the first place just because he has access to the tools and I don't.

After a little more thought on the binding switching issue, I think it would be a good idea to spray a small amount of silicone lubricant on the binding tracks to make them slide on and off more easily. If you switch the bindings often you could create some wear on the plastic rails and end up with a loose fit...not good.

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I am glad to hear that Volki changed their silly policy (at least somewhere). I tried to get skies without motion and did not succeed
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Marker/Volkl don't want you playing with the bindings and you have to have some pretty good contacts to get the skis without bindings. The whole integration issue is about selling more bindings by forcing you to buy new bindings every time you buy skis. But they go even further by making sure there is a different system for every ski brand. Marker make binding systems for Volkl, Elan and K2 but the Volkl system is totally different from the others (I am not sure if the Marker/K2 and the Marker/Elan bindings are interchangable).

This lack of consistency is what makes me believe that the integration fad is more about selling more bindings than a genuine improvement in the ski/binding interface. If there was genuine consumer dissatisfaction with the way bindings are attached to skis, all the manufacturers would be working together to create a new standard which they would all follow. Instead they are all just scrambling for a bigger slice of the pie and we are all having to pay more for gear because of it.

For those contemplating buying new skis this year, remember many of the integrated skis are also available in plain flat versions which you can put your existing bindings on, they just are not pushed as much because there is not as much profit in them. But if you do go for an integrated system take the stories here as a warning that you will be stung for new bindings every time you get new skis.

-end rant-

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As far as the Marker "empire" of binding systems go, they supply Volkl, Elan, K2, and Nordica with integrated systems. Of these systems there are 3 unique designs. Volkl has a few different systems designed by Marker - the motion and the motion piston, Elan has the Fusion, in which the binding slides on a rail built into the ski, and Nordica and K2 have the same system, which is similar to the motion system in which the binding slides on external rails. I would not be surprised to see Volant go to either Atomic or Marker in the near future... Fischer and Head are gone to Tyrolia, then you have Atomic and Dynamic, and of course Salomon, who ironically ditched a possibly very prosperous merge with Fischer last year. I think that Marker will take over more companies in the near future and expand their 40% share of the binding market that they already have.
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Originally posted by HeluvaSkier:
I think that Marker will take over more companies in the near future and expand their 40% share of the binding market that they already have.
Thanks HS. You're probably right, I just think it is unfortunate that Markers increase in market share is due to cornering the ski market and forcing people to buy their bindings, rather than any improvement in performance or the release/retention mechanism. I just wonder how long it will take the general public to realise they have been conned by these systems.

In the mean time we can thank freeheelers for keeping most of the high performance freeride/fat skis integration free.
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I still do believe it is not wise policy to push buying more bindings then customer actually needs. More flexible approach would increase customer loyalty substantially. When I am looking for another pair of skies naturally my first choice is another Volki if I already have interchangeable bindings. I think from business point of view it is missed opportunity rather than gain.
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