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Atomic Race Bindings

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Question for anyone who was owned or used the Atomic Race binding. What setting do you keep them on (extreme, speed, all around, etc)? Do you change them up for racing and recreational skiing or just keep them set? I usually keep them in the forward most position, to be able to max out my tip pressure and get the easiest turn. Would there be a significant benefit if I placed them in the speed position, all the way back. Thanks.
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Usually I have them on the middle notch. I have moved them around and really didn't notice a whole lot of difference. In fact 1 day I had one ski on extremo and the other on speed. Oh well they still skied great for me.: :
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I have had the 412, 614, and 1018 race, and honestly have never messed with the variozone thing. It's a nice option, but I have never been unsatisfied with the skis to the point that I felt it was necessary to move them. Just IMO.
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I keep 'em in the middle, I can't even put them in the "extreme" position because my boots are so small.
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dont worry about it man.. just go skiing.
keep it on race
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I've moved them around and generally prefer a slightly forward position. So far as I can tell, I can feel a difference between adjacent positions, though I suppose I'd have to do a double blind test to prove that ....

Also: note that it's not an absolute thing. Because there are a limited number of toe-mount positions, two different-sized boots may not be in quite the same position when the binding is in the same spot.
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It does make a difference that I can feel - especially with the older Varizones that you can move two positions up or back.

I have only found two sets of skis that I very much liked the forward position on (as compared to centered) - R:EXs, and GS11s (these are NEOX - only one forward position offered, and more manual involvement to change it). All other Atomics I have messed with I liked in the middle position.

Note: The Varizone could be changed by just removing your ski and moving a lever wherever you were on the hill. It was a lot of fun to try the various positions. I hope Atomic will figure out a way to incorporate Varizone into the NEOX line without adding weight (which I'm sure must be the reason they did away with it).
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I have messed with the Variozone settings quite a bit. the different settings make a big difference IMHO.

In fact Saturday I skied a pair of SL11 Race Stock 165'c with 10.18's. they have 5 postions. I started with them 1 click forward from all around and although the ski sinitiated more easily, i found it difficult to keep my tails carving.

The snow was very hard and slick. it had rained on Wednesday and we had no new since & it then froze.

After a couple of runs I returned the ski to the all-around position and the tail sllickness went away completely.

These SL11s (we have 2 identica pair) are mounted in the correct position but when compared to my Stockli Laser WC SL & Elan SLX slalom, all the same length farther back on the ski. We also have 2 pair of SL11m in a 165 and tey are also mounted considereably farther back then the Stockli or Elan.

the Stockli's and Elans are mounted ski center to boot center.

In the pow I like my sugar Daddy's one click back form center.
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