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Jackson's Backcountry

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I'm going to JH this week and I would like to have an intro to the BC. Has anyone been out for the first time in the BC with a JH guide or joined the Backcountry Experience Program?
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I skied Green River Canyon last year as part of Steep and Deep Camp (guide was David Samuels -- quite good). This week my group from Copper skied Zero G (first 3 turns on belay) and Four Pines with Kent ? (head guide -- an amazing skier). I also had the opportunity to ski with AJ Saunders, who crosses over between the ski school and the guides -- and is a Level 3 examiner.

All of the guides I've run across at JH are incredible. They know backcountry skiing, are careful, knowledgable about avi danger, and teach you the basics of back country safety. I highly recommend them.

I also understand that Bob Peters, a regular poster here, is a BC guide at JH, and he definitely can add first-hand experience!

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Thanks for the info. I'm suppose to get together with Bob too.
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