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Downtown Denver REI sale

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Just got back from the sale. They have two pairs of 161 volk allstars for 209 bucks (they are 419 with 50% off) already mounted. The price stickers were on the inside of the ski, so you really had to look to find them, they might last. They had some pretty good deals on packs and shells as well as sleeping bags. Packs for 70 bucks, Marmot shells for 80-90. Just thought I'd give a heads up in case someone was interested.
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Did they have any other skis for such a good deal?
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Skis that got my attention

Originally Posted by Wassnowboarder
Did they have any other skis for such a good deal?
They had womans skis and kid skis on the third floor that were most likely similarly priced. They had 724's for a similar price (they were 150-160). I did not look at them closely. Downstairs they had AC4's for like 600ish I think, so not so great a deal, I think they had a set of short Public enemy's for 300ish and they had troublemakers in two sizes for around 300.
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Alright, my dad's looking for some all-mountains, so I was hoping they would have a deal.
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